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    The MX-1 Mix Performer combines synthesizers, drum machines, loops, DAW tracks and more in a... more

    Product information "Roland MX-1"

    The MX-1 Mix Performer combines synthesizers, drum machines, loops, DAW tracks and more in a single optimized mix instrument. The MX-1 combines a mixer, controller, audio interface and effects unit (with step sequencer programming) in one device, making it the heart of any electronic music setup. The MX-1 is a mixer that you can play - and much more.

    Features Roland MX-1 | Mix Performer

    • 18-channel performance mixer with step-based FX, transport and tempo control
    • Three different types of step-based beat FX (filter, side chain, slicer) with TR-style buttons
    • Six different Master FX (48 variations) with large performance control knobs
    • Beat FX and Master FX can be assigned to individual or all inputs. Beat FX is available per channel.
    • Using the Combination function, a different MASTER FX type can be assigned to each individual step
    • Four AIRA Link USB ports for audio, MIDI, sync and bus power (Port 3) for connecting AIRA instruments
    • Mix mode with six analog, one digital (stereo), four AIRA (stereo) and two PC channels for mixer and FX
    • In External mode, 18 audio outputs of a DAW can be routed to the mixer and FX can be added.
    • Control surface mode for full DAW control via MIDI
    • DJ-style cue monitoring, quick mutes and six fader curves per channel
    • Tone and filter controls per channel with ten different EQ characteristics, filters and isolators
    • Transport and tempo control with fine tuning, shuffle and tap tempo functions
    • Fast storage and retrieval of complete setups including all FX configurations
    Number of channels: 18 Channels
    Fader available: Yes
    Built-in effects: Yes
    Audio Interface (USB): Yes

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    4.8 / 5
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    5 / 5 Points

    For digital producers?

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    What alternatives do you have? With most (actually all) mixers with a USB audio interface, the first channels are mono. The still relatively cheap Presonus 16 xy has 8 mono channels and only 4 stereo. For me, all channels, except maybe kick, are stereo. Such a mixer only makes sense if you only route the buses on it. For me, 'overview' is the key word. I would like to summarize the individual instrument tracks in the DAW and send them to the mixer so that they can be accessed directly. In other words, a membrane that cuts off the complexity. Even with a 32 stereo track mixer (which doesn't exist), I still have the complexity in a heap. Why not a DAW controller? I had the 8 fader port and it's not bad. Only I always had to search which channel is where when I switched the banks forwards / backwards. Of course, the consideration here would also be to just put the buses on it. But you cannot connect analog devices. The MX-1. You can inquire extensively which features it offers and which not. I keep it because it ultimately and actually provides the 18 USB Audio INs AND OUTs. The pretty LiveTrak unfortunately only routes in but not out of the DAW. The MX-1 sends the sound of a connected hardware to the DAW, where I can add effects, add sum and then send it to another channel. A little MIDI offset on it - I have 15ms latency in and out of the Craven - and it actually fits. In Mixer Mode I have 4 exclusive mono plus a stereo channel and 6 stereo outs from the DAW, to which I can ALTERNATIVELY connect hardware. For me, the faders and mutes, which work independently of the DAW, are useful, as is the tune / filter control, where I can not just turn off or on, but can switch low-high cut to a channel, for example, what mixing interesting is. I find the Phones output too loud (80 ohms, is 250 ohms better?) Negative, for producing effects that are too simple and the fact that on the one hand the external mixing mode does not allow the connection of devices and on the other hand the Ableton mode does not allow channel routing, but only allows midi functions, where a DAW controller would be better. (A description of which modes allow which USB routing can be found on the Roland page.) Furthermore, the midi mapping is simply implemented sloppy and, for example, the scene change, which is actually very interesting, is too poorly visible in Ableton. Manual mapping is therefore not practical because the LED status cannot be mapped back, such as with a tractor. If you can program Python (and have the time), maybe you can build something. Conclusion: I spent 2 full days exploring the possibilities. The mixer can be used very well for live, where the beat and master effects make sense. In productive use, however, I only have this on the total (17/18) in the DAW. It's a shame that you can't map switches / controls to any Midi. The 16 buttons (in mixer mode) can only be used for the Beat FX, which, together with the Master FX, is used up too quickly to sacrifice 26x7 cm. But: there is simply nothing clever in the segment and so the MX-1 is a hard compromise for anyone hoping for more modern times. Otherwise it behaves as it is described.

    4 / 5 Points

    Very good for AIRA products

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    Good connection options, especially for AIRA products directly via USB. The first mono inputs (if you connect third-party devices) are noisy. However, the effects such as delay, bit cruiser, etc. are not recorded when recording.

    5 / 5 Points


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    It more than meets my expectations

    5 / 5 Points


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    Like all other devices in the Aira series, the part is easy and intuitive to use. Just try it yourself. That's fun!!