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DJ Effects

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Roland Aira VT-4
Roland Aira VT-4
From €212.00 €239.00

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  • Pioneer DJ DJS-1000
    Pioneer DJ DJS-1000
    From €1,099.00 €1,299.00

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  • Pioneer DJ RMX-1000
    Pioneer DJ RMX-1000
    €639.00 €729.00

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  • Boss RC-505
    Boss RC-505
    €423.00 €519.00

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  • Pioneer DJ RMX-500
    Pioneer DJ RMX-500
    €366.00 €419.00

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  • Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+
    Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+
    €358.00 €399.00

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  • Korg mini Kaoss Pad 2s
    Korg mini Kaoss Pad 2s
    €147.00 €169.00

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  • Yamaha SPX 2000
    Yamaha SPX 2000
    €1,299.00 €1,618.00

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    Boss RC-3
    Boss RC-3
    €133.00 €159.00

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  • NEW
    Boss RC-300
    Boss RC-300
    €457.00 €529.00

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  • Item number: 0020108517
  • DJ Effects devices - effective mixing

    dj effektgeräte
    Mixing records and CDs, is no longer enough for modern DJs. Software such as Ableton Live, Traktor DJ and Serato Scratch Live open up a new spectrum of possibilities. In the electronic area of DJing, live gigs overlap with actual DJing. The performance depends on the controller, which has to access the software as intuitively as possible. DJ effect devices reproduce songs in an even more individual way. Timing effects influence the sound character in individual passages without interrupting the musical flow.

    Modern effect devices are versatile

    Modern effect devices are not only equipped with kill switches for abruptly lowering treble, bass or mids, but also go far beyond individual playbacks. Single effect devices for a single effect such as reverb are juxtaposed with multi-effect devices that combine effects such as distortion, phraser, delay, grainshift and flanger. There are as many effect parameters as there are different effects. The standard parameters of most effect devices include bypass for unprocessed signal forwarding and FX-deepth/mix for controlling the ratio between direct and effect signals, as well as time parameters for entering quarter note lengths to the nearest millisecond.

    Build ideal beats with the right device design

    There are several designs of the effect unit. All of them have their advantages. The most important designs include

    • Floor effect devices were originally aimed at guitarists and bassists. By foot, DJs can control parameters such as filter cutoff frequency, mix, bypass, volume and delay timing. Turntablists benefit from this design, especially for scratches with WahWah-effect, from the free hands.
    • Rack effect devices in 19 "format can be operated via send/return depending on the desired effect, or looped into the signal path.
    • DJ effect devices with integrated controllers offer multi-effects and correspond, for example, to tabletop devices that not only have buttons and knobs but also intuitive controller elements for controlling individual effect parameters. These effect devices can be played like musical instruments and are often equipped with touchscreens.

    Many Pioneer effect devices are equipped with sample players or synthesizer presets, so that there is a smooth transition to making music. Effects can be mixed or looped in with effect devices. The device picks up the effects from the mixer's effect send and adds them to the overall signal in a dosed form. Reverb, delay and echo are in-mix effects. For loop-in/insert effects, the effect unit is in the signal path of the direct signal. Compressors, gates, limiters and other dynamics belong to this effect type as well as expanders, EQs, pitch shifter, loop, filter and transform effects.

    Well integrated with various effect device setups

    There are various options for integrating effect devices into a DJ setup.

    • Mixers with internal effects have at least standard effects such as Delay, Reverb, Phaser or Flanger. Depending on the price class, this system runs via one or more effect processors and allows for in-mixing as well as looping effects.
    • DJ mixers with Send/Return connectors don't interfere with the direct signal sound and allow multiple channels to access the connected effects device at the same time. This integration method is only suitable for mixing effects.
    • For effects that are sanded into the mixer channel, the effect device is located between the mixer and the feeder. With this setup, DJs have a free choice because the effects unit can be changed. This structure makes both mixing and grinding effects conceivable.
    • For effects that are looped into the master signal path, the effects unit is connected to the mixer output. This setup adds effects to the total sum of the mix. The effect unit can also be replaced in this setup. However, all effects can only be applied to the master.

    Whether effect device, controller, CD player or software: Recordcase knows what modern deejays need. Consulting is a matter of honour for us. Therefore, simply make a stop at our place, contact us and use high-quality DJ accessories to make an even better impression in the future.