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Since 2004 Zomo produces DJ-oriented, high-quality DJ accessories with an outstanding price-performance ratio. Zomo is the market leader in DJ cases and DJ furniture, but also offers a much wider range of products.

In addition to a very large selection of record cases and DJ bags, Zomo also produces a huge catalogue of flight cases for DJ equipment. The Zomo product range includes DJ cases for almost every DJ controller, DJ CD player, DJ mixer, DJ turntable and of course a large number of set cases which contain a DJ set consisting of 2 CD players plus DJ mixer or 2 turntables plus DJ mixer.

For many devices Zomo also offers DJ bags, which offer a little bit less protection for the DJ equipment, but a better wearing comfort. Zomo offers a wide range of DJ controllers and mixers, so that you can find the right size for every DJ controller and DJ mixer.

In the field of LP storage and DJ tables, Zomo is a world leader and produces LP boxes and other DJ furniture in many variations and sizes.

The Zomo catalogue also includes a range of DJ headphones, vinyl care products, slipmats and many other useful accessories such as earpads for many popular DJ headphones.
The Zomo DJ-Controller MC-1000 is meanwhile legendary, as well as the DJ turntables DP-3000, DP-4000 and DP-5000, which unfortunately are not produced anymore.

Our top sellers of the brand Zomo are DJ flightcases in all variations and DJ tables, especially the Zomo Deck Stand Ibiza.

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