Warranty XL + XXL

The Recordcase.de warranty products

Our quality for your safety

3 years
- Full protection (warranty XL)
- Full Protection + (warranty XXL)

5 years
- Full protection (warranty XL)
- Full Protection + (warranty XXL)

at 22 €
One-off payment for 36 months (3 years)
at 33 €
One-off payment for 60 months (5 years)

Coverage table XL

Mechanical force, implosion or other action under pressure
Natural hazards such as flooding, rockfall, storm, frost, flooding, avalanches, etc.
Fire, lightning, explosions of all kinds as well as damage caused by fire extinguishment
Singeing and scorching, smoke and soot by external influences
Indirect lightning strike
Immediate effect of electr. Energy due to earth fault, short circuit, overvoltage etc.
Material and manufacturing defects
Over or undervoltage, electronic charging, electromagnetic interference


Coverage table XXL

As warranty XL Plus plus:


Clumsiness (maloperation, fall, rupture) with deductible


Recordcase's warranty products provide comprehensive hardware protection for all devices that come with such a warranty at the time of purchase. By purchasing an additional warranty product, you can secure services that go far beyond the manufacturer's warranty.

The 36 or 60 months protection against material and manufacturing defects guarantees that you will not incur any additional costs if the protected device should become defective during the term of use, i. e. if it suffers hardware damage for the reasons mentioned above. Spare parts and working time are already covered by the full protection.

The cash receipt with the device and the guarantee product is proof and authorization for you to claim the services in case of hardware damage. The price for the respective guarantee product is to be paid only once per protected device and then valid for 36 or 60 months. Due to the cooperation with international insurance companies, the guarantee products offer additional protection against further unforeseen, sudden damage or destruction of the protected hardware, using the deductible regulation described later on.

You can read the complete regulations HERE