Light Controller for Clubs and Events

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So that your performance can be ideally supported by lighting technology, there is a uniform, standardised signal for controlling the lamps used. With a DMX controller you have full control over brightness, colour and direction of the lamps.

What is a DMX signal?

The DMX, more precisely DMX 512 signal stands for "Digital Multiplex" and is a standardized control signal in lighting technology with which lamps are addressed. On 512 channels, functions that vary depending on the type of lamp can be controlled with a light controller.

Brightness (dimmer), colour and direction of light (pan and tilt) are channels to which functions can be assigned. A standard spotlight often has fewer functions than a moving light, for example.

The DMX signal ensures that the lighting of your stage show is as precise as your choreography!


With a DMX cable you connect the lamps in series, input and output always one after the other. The lamps are assigned addresses so that they know which control circuits are available for them. The address is set at the lamp and distributed in such a way that the following spotlight gets the next free address.

On the basis of the channels required to control the lamp, it is possible to determine which is the next free address. A maximum of 32 lamps can be connected in series, but this number can be increased with a so-called splitter. Also devices with the same function can be set to one control address.

The connected lamps can be controlled with a light desk. The number of channels determines how many lamps can be controlled. For example, a control panel with 12 channels can control 36 lamps.

What do I have to consider?

A DMX cable may be maximum 600m long and should be terminated with a suitable DMX terminating resistor.
The USITT - United States Institute for Theatre Technology - defines in the DIN standard for DMX the use of a 5 pin XLR plug for the connection. The signal has a resolution of 8 bits and a transmission speed of 250 Kbit/s.

Where are the controllers priced?

Low-priced entry-level devices for controlling 5 DMX channels with ready-made presets are available from 40 Euro. In the higher priced region you can get controllers for up to 400 Euro.

What else is there to say?

To support your show with perfect lighting, you can't avoid a control solution. The DMX signal and a suitable controller help you to illuminate your show perfectly. Whether for the individual entertainer or the professional lighting technician DMX is the standardised protocol for use in lighting technology.