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DJ Bags and Trolleys - Bags for the mobile DJDJ tasche

If you commute from gig to gig and have your gigs there, you not only need good equipment. He must also bring his CDs or all his accessories such as cables, headphones or the like. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of bags and suitcases that make everyday life easier for the travelling DJ. In this guide you will find everything you need to look out for when buying.

What's available?

So that you don't have to carry too hard, the choice of the right bag is something you have to consider. You should also know beforehand what you are DJing with and how much of it you are taking with you. Someone who plays oldschool with a lot of vinyl should go for a trolley. A Digital Only DJ will probably be satisfied with a bag for headphones, USB sticks and some accessories.

Here is an overview of what we have on offer for the mobile DJ who is travelling:

  • DJ Bags for Accessories
  • Bags for records
  • Bags for CDs
  • Cases and trolleys for records
  • Spare parts and belts

DJ Trolleys

If you want to transport your record collection and have some of them, you should go for a DJ trolley. These practical cases offer space for up to 250 records and can usually even be extended. They should be equipped with castors so that you can easily move and transport your record collection. The choice of a trolley can also be the right choice for the digital DJ who plays CDs. Besides CDs or vinyl, the cases offer enough storage space and compartments for accessories, so that you usually do not need anything else.

Recordbag- Vinyl Bag

If you're DJing on vinyl or CD and don't have hours of gigs ahead of you, you're also well served with a Recorbag. These practical bags offer space for up to 50 records and are usually equipped with a shoulder strap to make tugging less tedious. Most bags also have side pockets for headphones and other accessories.

A Recordbag is also an ideal alternative to the classic backpack for pupils and students. The inside dimensions usually fit exactly on the Leitz files and thus offer a simple carrying option for the school material - extraordinary design included...

Top seller and most popular is the Technics BackBag.

DJ Bags

Those who only play digitally will be satisfied with a classic DJ bag. These mostly compact bags for DJs offer space for headphones and the necessary accessories such as cables and data carriers.

Very popular is the Technics DJ-Bag, which convinces with great features and an appealing design in many colors.

Shoulder straps

We also offer spare parts for our DJ bags. Shoulder straps usually break down most often, as this is where the load is greatest. So if the belt breaks down after a few years of touring, you will find the right replacement shoulder strap for your bag or trolley in our shop.