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Which software digital DJs use is and remains a matter of taste. As with recording, the choice of DJ software is therefore a matter of faith. Established DJ systems are different. The two best known are:

  • Rane-Serato Scratch Live , which consists of a software, two timecode vinyls and a USB audio interface (16 bit/ 44.1 kHz) including MIDI connection for controllers. The system cannot be operated by external controllers and does not allow separate operation of the individual components. However, the system's software can be used with the Rane TTM 57 Battle Mixer, which has an integrated audio interface with video SL option.
  • Native Instruments-Traktor Scratch is the result of years of collaboration between Stanton (Final Scratch) and Native Instruments and is an extremely sophisticated DJ system with a USB audio interface at sample rates of 24bit/96kHz. In addition to eight inputs and outputs, the system carries a separate MIDI port. Similar to the Serato system, the DJ system uses time code vinyl or time code CDs. The system-specific software can be controlled via external controllers.

Factors such as the operating system used, the audio interface and the laptop play a role in the choice of systems and software. Laptops must meet the minimum system requirements of the software used for DJing in order not to give up the ghost in the middle of the set. The audio interface converts digital software data into analog audio signals and vice versa. Firewire or USB establishes the connection to the laptop.

MIDI ports are required for connecting external controllers. DJ software such as Scratch Live or Traktor Scratch is often sold with an audio interface designed exclusively for this purpose. With other software variants, the choice of audio interface is left to the DJ. Any software can be used with interface models that form a unit with the controller.

In this section at Recordcase you will find a wide range of turntable software, the so-called DVS systems. From single scratch vinyl records in green, purple, red or blue, to software kits from Rane Serato or Native Instruments-Traktor Scratch Pro or Duo, to the M-Audio USB Audio Scratch System, you'll find everything your DJ's heart desires.

The different software allows you to play digital audio formats with full control over turntables. All you need is a turntable/controller and a computer, and you're ready to get started with turntable software and perform all DJing techniques. Browse through the large selection of turntable software and choose the one that suits your needs.