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Epsilon DJT-1300 USB-W

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    The DJT-1300 USB is a professional multi-speed digital quartz turntable with direct drive at the... more

    Product information "Epsilon DJT-1300 USB-W"

    The DJT-1300 USB is a professional multi-speed digital quartz turntable with direct drive at the top "Recordcase price".

    It has 3 different playback speeds of 33,45 and 78 rpm, which can be easily switched at the push of a button. The pitch is also adjustable over 3 levels (+/- 8%, +/- 16% and +/- 50%) for precise beat mixing, the large, high-quality Dual Play / Stop button ensures precise operation, even in difficult situations.

    The Epsilon turntable also has a Plug & Play USB connection, which communicates with any DJ software for PC or MAC. The DJT-1300 USB features an electronic brake and a 330mm die-cast aluminium turntable with a static balance S-shaped tonearm with removable headboard and phono/line output.

    Super professional quality at a sensational price!

    Features Epsilon DJT-1300 USB

    • Ultra Hi-Torque Direct Drive DJ Battle style Turntable with USB output
    • Large Dual Play / Stop buttons for custom Battle Style with electronic brake
    • USB output for PC & MAC compatibility and USB Recording
    • Anti-Skating control with a 330mm aluminum die cast turntable platter
    • 3- Speed 33 1/3, 45 & 78 rpm speed playback with Phono / Line output
    • Static balanced S-shaped tone arm with detachable head shell
    • Instant Adjustable pitch control buttons at +/- 10%, 20%, 50%
    • Removable LED target light
    • Available Colors: Black, Silver, White

    Specifications Epsilon DJT-1300 USB

    • Type 3-speed full manual
    • Motor 16-pole, 3-phase, brushless DC motor
    • Driving Method Direct drive
    • Turntable Platter 330mm dia. Aluminum die cast
    • Speeds 33 1/3 and 45 rpm and 78rpm
    • USB Function USB rec. Function
    • Wow and Flutter Less than 0.1% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33 1/3 rpm
    • S/N Ratio More than 55dB (DIN-B)
    • Pitch Controls +/- 10%,+/- 20%,+/-50%
    • Starting Torque More than 3.5kgf.cm
    • Braking System Electronic brake
    • Starting Time 0.3 sec with 33 1/3
    • Braking Time 0.3 sec. with 33 1/3
    • Time for Speed Change Less than 0.3 sec. from 33 1/3 to 45 rpm.
    • Less than 0.3 sec. from 45 to 33 1/3 rpm.
    • Less than 0.3 sec. from 33 1/3 to 78 rpm

    Technical Data Epsilon DJT-1300 USB

    • Power Consumption: 13.5W
    • Weight: 22lbs (9.38 kg)
    • Dimensions: 449(W) *370(D) *145(H) (mm

    Whats in the box?

    • 1x Epsilon DJT-1300 USB Turntable
    • 1x headshell (without sound pickup)
    • 1x Counterweight
    • 1x 45 RPM adapter
    • 1x Target Light
    • 1x power plug for EU networks
    • 1x RCA cable
    • 1x slipmat
    • 1x USB cable
    • 1x CD with recording software "Audiacity"
    Type of drive: direct drive
    USB port: Yes
    Dust Cover: No
    Line-Out: Yes
    Rounds per minute: 33 / 45 / 78
    Pickup system incl.: No
    Pitch: ±10%
    Tonearm form: curved
    Customer ratings for  "Epsilon DJT-1300 USB-W"
    25 May 2020

    Good product for price
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    23 May 2020

    I had my doubts, the dish is not the most accurate in the world but for the price it works wonderfully. Plastic materials but well finished. To use it as a phono it works but it does not have a ground connection, which is strange to me and has given me some problem with Serato DVS, solved by putting it as a line. Very hard and fast starting engine, I plan to order another one later.

    Excellent value for money
    -- Show original --
    9 Apr 2020

    Despite the Covid-19 emergency situation, the package arrived in Italy in a week, I really like the product, for the Scratch it is fine thanks to a performing engine with a noteworthy torque, I am still testing the turntable, but it seems work well, recommended.

    Good record player
    -- Show original --
    18 Jan 2020

    Good record player for the price it has, excellent engine. The only downside I can put was that the package arrived damaged by the transport company dhl, so I put 4 stars and not 5.

    17 Dec 2019

    Great, fast and serious!

    Very good good platinum
    -- Show original --
    15 Dec 2019

    I recommend the very good quality elipson turntable

    20 Oct 2019

    Excellent quality / price ratio, fast shipping and courteous and helpful staff. If I have to make other purchases I will definitely keep this site!

    Best purchase I could not make !!!!
    -- Show original --
    12 May 2019

    Fast shipping and more than excellent product, thanks

    21 Feb 2019

    For those who have to buy a turntable and don't want to spend a lot, I highly recommend it, it's a great product ......

    18 Feb 2019

    Top! What you need!

    Good attention
    -- Show original --
    29 Jan 2019

    All right, quality very good price .....

    Product Quality Excellent price!
    -- Show original --
    28 Jan 2019

    I needed a convenient but good turntable, I bought this DJT1300 thanks to some advice - I needed a dish to start scratching with and I can say that the experience has been really good so far, perhaps for many it presents a lot (or too much ) "playful" but for sure he can do what he has to! The only flaw is the included slipmat which is really bad .. For sure if you want to spend a little and have a turntable that does what it has to - with the possibility of scratching - it's the right piece !!!!!

    Great quality at an unbeatable price
    -- Show original --
    21 Jan 2019

    The best value for money for a super OEM dish. Purchase recommended.

    Simply great!
    -- Show original --
    14 Jan 2019

    Correct for the price you can not complain fat part am very enthusiastic absolute recommendation!

    3 Dec 2018

    It is not a technics but for the price of the product you do not find anything better, it goes very fine and using it to scratch the needle does not move from the site.

    best record player so far
    -- Show original --
    10 Sep 2018

    Awesome part for the price. You can't say anything else. Use it to sample and come from a Thorens TD190 that my father gave me. This is completely different and more aimed at the Hifi listener, but for a little sampling it is enough - I thought. After using it a few times, the inflexible, slow, and cheaply processed Thorens got on my poke so much that I looked for an alternative. The Thorens now costs double - only that much. However, I did not expect that I would get so much for the low price of the Epsilon. Not only the complete processing is heavy and massive, the complete device is also convincing. Everything you need is really on board. 3 pitch ranges, 3 speed levels, target light, 2 start / stop switches and behind you can switch between line and phono. Oh yes. He also has a USB port. Grounding the device is no longer necessary, as is an external preamplifier. Everything is already installed in the device. The engine is really outstanding. I've never seen anything so fast. You press and the device starts or stops IMMEDIATELY. I used to have a direct drive American audio 10 years ago, so it didn't go that quickly. As I said. I'm not a DJ, just sample with it. Everything has to be done quickly. I have to jump from place to place with the tonearm and be able to start and stop quickly if necessary. The Epsilon far exceeds all expectations. Full recommendation!

    28 Aug 2018

    You can't go wrong for the money!

    23 Aug 2018

    Almost a wonder what you can get here for just under 160 euros. Solid, high quality construction. Really fat, heavy tonearm that would have to survive the next nuclear war and a well-running drive. The Start / Stop buttons click and click into place. Perfect and full recommendation!

    Excellent direct drive for the money!
    5 Aug 2018

    Great product for a low price. Good for listening or home/beginner vinyl dj setup. Can't fault recordcase, fast and friendly service to the UK ☺

    Top quality / price
    -- Show original --
    4 Jul 2018

    For its cost it is the best DJ turntable you can find around. Not at all the idea of being cheap, with somewhat strange lines, which I sincerely like. The arm is very solid. I recommend changing the slipmat.

    4 Jun 2018

    Big turntable at an affordable price. Ordered on good luck and not disappointed!

    9 May 2018

    What a great turntable for the price. Quality is bomb and is in no way inferior to more expensive candidates! Strike immediately. Big deal!

    Very Good - With A little Help
    3 May 2018

    The DJT 1300 USB comes with the excellent tonearm and the big Hanpin-motordrive, just like the AT-LP 1240 USB. The much lower price is very attractive but, of course, with the DJT 1300 you have to take in a few issues the 1240 completely lacks. The shielding of the motor and the grounding are at a much lower quality level. The unit is internally grounded - therefore the built-in preamplifier should be used. You would also want to order a good quality phono cable and a thick rubber or cork mat if you think of using this turntable for hifi listening. The tonearm can handle even very fine pickups. With Ortofon OMBS you are on the safe side, be it for listening or DJing. The Shure M-44 is another option; I also used the Sumiko Black Pearl (identical with Coral 555) and it gave me a lot of listening pleasure. That said, the Epsilon DJT 13000 USB is a very handsome beast. Oh, and do not forget to loosen the feet a bit before playing - the manual left that detail out!

    28 Apr 2018

    Very good turntables, similar to acura!

    Value for money probably unbeatable
    -- Show original --
    9 Apr 2018

    Finally a device, which is surprising and that across the board. Powerful drive, ultrapitch, good workmanship and decent weight. For the price, this turntable is preferable to almost every other known turntable. Definitely an amazing option for beginners and hobby DJs and vinyl lovers. We have Technics 1210 and Pioneer PLX 1000 ourselves and are excited about the durability.

    2x Epsilon DJT - 1300 USB
    9 Apr 2018

    Ordered 2 turntables at recordcase.
    Good conversation via e-mail and fast deliver to Holland in 2 days.
    I recommend everybody to order here.
    Very happy with my new Epsilons DJT-1300 USB.
    Good quality & good price (Before I had 2 Technics SL1210 MK2).

    17 Mar 2018

    Price quality. Excellent.

    Best turntable for the price ever
    26 Jan 2018

    A Super OEM turntable like this for such a little money is almost a miracle, but it's true. Works flawless and the overall quality amazing. Very happy with the purchase and the Recordcase great service.

    15 Nov 2017

    Madness. For the price you get a high quality turntable with DIRECT drive. 3 RPM levels and pitch up to 50. Hit immediately. What better is not inside for the course!

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