Rane Dr. Suzuki 12“ Skratch Slipmats

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    Dr. Suzuki, the inventor of the D-styles "Tablecloth" and the Serato "Scratch Live" Slipmats,... more

    Product information "Rane Dr. Suzuki 12“ Skratch Slipmats"

    Dr. Suzuki, the inventor of the D-styles "Tablecloth" and the Serato "Scratch Live" Slipmats, presents the new Dr. Suzuki Skratch Edition Slipmats. These slipmats have been designed especially for the needs of turntablism DJ's and are the successors to the Tablecloth D-Styles Slipmats.

    The Dr. Suzuki Skratch Slipmats are very thin and have a felt like structure. Thanks to the extremely smooth underside, they provide excellent control over the record, especially when scratching.

    Features Rane Dr. Suzuki 12“ Skratch Slipmats

    • Skratch 12" Slipmats for Turntablist Dj?s
    • suitable for vinyl and DVS systems
    • Made of finest quality fabric and handmade in Japan
    • Heat coated corners & centre, guarantee a long life and exceptional quality
    • The slipmats are stable and tear-resistant
    • Extremely smooth underside
    • Handmade (Made in Japan)
    • Scope of delivery: 2x slipmats and 2 slip sheets
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    Highest quality slipmats

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    The price is a bit high for a slipmat, but the quality is excellent. Doesn't seem to be a cheap part & you can tell that there is good work behind it.

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