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    The 4-channel Vestax VCI-400DJ Controller works with any DJ software that has a MIDI... more

    Product information "Vestax VCI-400"

    The 4-channel Vestax VCI-400DJ Controller works with any DJ software that has a MIDI function.

    There are more than 200 assignable parameters, so you have plenty of room to fit in all necessary controls of the software you use.



    The sound quality of a DJ controller is determined by its D/A conversion capability. There were no compromises when Vestax designed the new audio system built-in to the VCI-400, which uses a studio-grade asynchronous USB streaming system and provides a low-latency, bit-perfect audio at
    24-bit / 48 kHz resolution, with high level output. On the road or in the studio, the VCI-400 simply sounds awesome.


    We provide optional overlay and appropriate mapping files to map your software! Available overlays for Traktor Pro 2, VirtualDJ and Serato.
    Check out the mapping files on


    Vestax got inspired by the king synthetizer
    The VCI-400 is supplied with a high density blank overlay set out of the box. Stick the overlay to the VCI-400 face panel and write your function names of your unique function mapping.


    • Dimension not included knob: 457 x 313 x 31 mm
    • Dimension knob included: 457 x 328 x 61 mm
    • Weight: 4.5 kg


    Standalone capable: No
    Display: None
    Number of channels: 4 channels
    Sound card integrated: Yes
    Filter Button: Yes
    Pads available: No
    4.8 / 5
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    4 / 5 Points

    My conclusion

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    Can just be recommended. Good communication, fast delivery, goods top! The device itself is already known to me and is at the very top in terms of quality. Vestax has been a top brand for a long time, unfortunately the company has discontinued production, but that doesn't change the fact that I prefer Vestax. Otherwise, thanks to Recordcase! Cool shop!

    5 / 5 Points

    Good device, good dealer

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    When looking for a 4-deck controller, the Vestax VCI-400 leaves nothing to be desired. Device works perfectly and was shipped quickly.

    5 / 5 Points

    Great product and service quality.

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    I am delighted with the quality of the Vestax product and also with the great efficiency of Recordcase. Everything arrived perfect both in time and in your careful package. I will buy Recordcase again without hesitation. GREAT PRODUCT, BIG PROFESSIONALS. THANKS.

    5 / 5 Points

    Very inexpensive!

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    While looking for a cheap 4-deck controller, I came across this very high-quality DJ controller from Vestax. I'm very happy with it.

    5 / 5 Points

    Top goods

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    The Vestax Midi Controller absolutely does what it says on the tin! I've tested it enough and also subjected it to its baptism of fire at a club party. He didn't disappoint me. All in all, I can definitely recommend this controller

    5 / 5 Points

    Purchase of a Vestax controller

    The product was very nicely on sale. It was easy to use the web page to set up the purchase. Payment went easily with Amazon account. communcated about the purchase with emails and we were well aware what is the status of the shipment. The shipment arrived quickly even it was busy season. The product is what it was supposed to be. Thanks.

    4 / 5 Points

    Super quality, lots of functionality, almost perfect!

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    I am very satisfied with the device, would buy it again immediately at this super affordable price under 400 €. Original price at launch was € 1000! Unfortunately, I don't think Vestax any longer exists and doesn't even have a website where you can find the latest drivers, firmware, documentation. Further development of the drivers for new operating systems is even more so, you have to consider that before buying! Hence the favorable (remaining stock) price. The device is super well made, robust metal housing, all knobs, faders of the finest, great lighting and of course (IMO) the best jog wheels on the controller market, with stepless sensitivity and resistance settings directly on the device. Driver installation without problems (for me PC with Windows 7), sound and latency of the sound card flawless. In all these points, the VCI-400 gives me a better quality impression than e.g. B. the controllers S2, S4, S8 from Native-Instruments, which are already decent, and above all more expensive. What brings me to my rating of only 4 out of 5 stars is that the interaction with the Traktor DJ software is not quite perfect. Many controls are optimally arranged and work great with a tractor, especially the control of 4 decks. But there are some criticisms: As with many controllers, it starts with the fact that you have to search meticulously for the best possible midi mapping. There is not THE tractor mapping from Vestax or NI that just makes you happy. That is, you spend quite a few hours on and and end up laying U. hand again with some mapping details. Well, for some, this flexibility is certainly the advantage of Traktor and an independent controller like the Vestax, I knew that even before buying it, but with an in-house controller from NI with a perfectly fitting HID mapping, you definitely have an easier start and dealing. I am now largely satisfied with my mapping, but the following points remain somewhat unattractive: - By default, many buttons on the device are not labeled at all, although appropriate stickers are included, but the content of the pre-labels does not always match and of course they are self-describing pithy on such a high-quality device - the jog wheels are high-resolution, but the pitch faders (disappointingly) are not. This makes pitching in tractor too rough. Many custom mappings therefore work with workarounds, but they are also not elegant - the 6 play / cue buttons on each side can be switched with a triple switch on the front of the device in three different modes with different midi assignments. I don't get warm at all in practice. Most DJs probably set the switches to one mode and then leave it at that. The assignment of these buttons and the lighting is somehow not optimal. I think the interaction with Remix Decks works better with NI controllers. - The controls for the effects section do not quite fit the tractor in terms of their arrangement and mode of operation, but different mappings do it perfectly well, but not perfectly. Here, too, the NI controllers are better in terms of layout and mapping because they are tailored precisely to the tractor. I am always very critical in detail with my ratings, please classify that correctly. In total, as written above, a very good device and 4 stars!

    5 / 5 Points

    excellent product in excellent price

    One of the best products out there. I know that vestax has closed but the quality of this product is amazing. In such a case i can not give less than 5 stars tot his product. Also very quick delivery from and excellent communication. Thanks for everything

    5 / 5 Points

    Insanely good and flexible DJ controller

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    Elegant and clearly designed controller for many common DJ mix software including SERATO dj. Very high quality workmanship and pleasant format.

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