Tascam Scratch TT-M1

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    No wonder TT-M1 stands for “turntable Magic.” It retrofits onto the edge of just... more

    Product information "Tascam Scratch TT-M1"

    No wonder TT-M1 stands for “turntable Magic.” It retrofits onto the edge of just about any standard DJ turntable to control the CD-X1500 and CD-X1700 CD players. The compact, durable TT-M1 requires no additional special audio hook-ups, no computer, and no special vinyl records – you may even scratch with your turntable’s slipmat if you like!
    Once fitted to your turntable (you can still use your tone arm), the new TT-M1 lets you use turntable controls such as start/stop, tempo slider, power on/off for winding down and winding up, and of course the turntable platter for scratching, pitch bending and back-spinning all to control CD audio.


  • Retrofits to a wide variety of popular DJ turntables
  • No additional audio hook-ups, computer or coded vinyl
  • Use DJ turntable platter and controls such as start/stop, tempo slider to control CD audio
  • Can also work without a turntable (Scratch on any flat surface!)
  • Powered by TASCAM DJ CD player
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