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Tansun is a leading British manufacturer of quartz short-wave infrared heaters and it all began just over 30 years ago when Tanzun was founded by Pete Rana, the managing director. Since then, Tansun has earned an incomparable reputation as a world leader in the development of infrared electric infrared heaters for indoor and outdoor use.

34 years later and Tansun is an established global brand that grows from strength to strength, promoting the Tansun brand with distribution partners on four of the world's major continents. The manufacturer wants to keep the production in Great Britain, so that all Tansun heating products from the idea to the production are manufactured in house.

Why Tansun?

Quartz infrared emitters from Tansun focus on two things: quality and the needs of our customers. Tanzun's range of high quality infrared heaters is manufactured all year round to provide optimal heating performance. Today, the largest range of infrared heaters for private households, trade and industry is available worldwide.

The manufacturer invests a lot of time in the research and development of our products and believes that they can only be developed if the concept, technology and purpose are really understood. That's why Tansun infrared emitters are reliable, robust and stylish in any environment.

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