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Alesis has repeatedly revolutionized the music industry with groundbreaking studio recordings, electronic percussion, keyboard and live sound equipment. Their passion for innovation is unmatched and they are dedicated to the development of devices that enable musicians, producers and engineers at all levels to tap their full creative potential at home, on stage and in the studio.

To fulfill the dreams of musicians, producers and sound engineers, it takes more than just to design, manufacture and distribute digital, analog, semiconductor and converter technologies. It needs unforgettable musical experiences. The experiences can vary. You can be as easy as a gig in a local club recorded on an Alesis iMultiMix 8 USB, as familiar as a practice session with an Alesis DM5 Pro Kit in the basement or as memorable as the Rock Tour recorded on a proven Alesis ADAT.

If there is a mystery of the Alesis brand, which in musicians, producers and engineers stands for a lasting brand and their passion, it is that you deliver this experience and not just a collection of products and services. They are committed to inspiring musical creativity and developing musical experiences for all our stakeholders - customers, employees, partners, suppliers and the music community in general. That's what sets Alesis apart from the crowd and why the brand continues to be at the cutting edge of professional audio and music technology.

While the product range of keyboards, synthesizers, hard disk recorders, iPod recording and playback devices, electronic drums, mixers, signal processors, effect devices, amplifiers and speakers is sufficient, one thing remains constant: The passion for inspiring musical creativity and innovation through new technologies.

The Alesis Story

Founded in 1980, Alesis is based on innovative semiconductor chip technology and award-winning industrial designs that have enabled entry-level musicians and artists to create professional studio recordings that have never been affordable. With a high "Bang for the Buck" value, Alesis introduced the world's first professional 16-bit effects processor under $1000, the Midiverb. After midi, Alesis developed into studio drum computers (HR-16 and SR-16) as well as synthesizers, studio monitors and mixers.

1991 was a landmark year for Alesis when the ADAT Multi-Channel Digital Tape Recorder was introduced. Before ADAT, a studio had to invest $50,000 to afford a multi-track digital recorder. With ADAT, the prize went down to $4,000, which gave every home and project studio the opportunity to make digital recordings. This new technology enabled every artist and musician to record studio-quality recordings.

Alesis was acquired by Jack O' Donnell in 2001, and since then the company has delivered more solutions and added value for musicians than ever before. Under his leadership, the company dared to manufacture the world's most affordable analog mixers with built-in digital signal processing (excellent MultiMix series), an advanced yet affordable product range (USB Pro Kit, DM5 Pro Kit, SURGE Cymbals, Performance Pad) as well as highly innovative and adaptable audio interfaces and controllers (MasterControl). Alesis is committed to delivering the most innovative and inspiring professional audio equipment for musicians, producers and engineers at all levels.

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