Korg ARP Odyssey Module (Rev1)

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    Since its debut in 1972, the ARP Odyssey has been very popular with musicians as a classic... more

    Product information "Korg ARP Odyssey Module (Rev1)"

    Since its debut in 1972, the ARP Odyssey has been very popular with musicians as a classic analog synthesizer. More than 40 years later, with the support of David Friend, co-founder of ARP Instruments, KORG had the original circuitry of the ARP Odyssey fully reproduced and resurrected as ARP ODYSSEY.

    This made the much sought-after sound of an iconic analogue synthesizer accessible to modern musicians. With its brand new model, KORG will reinforce the influence of the ARP ODYSSEY on today's world.

    The keyboard-free ARP ODYSSEY module can fully reproduce the analog synthesis circuits of the original. Its more compact format fits perfectly into today's DAW-oriented music production environment. The true ARP sound still makes history and fascinates the world.

    Features Korg ARP Odyssey Modules (Rev1)

    • monophonic, max. 2 voices for Duophonic
    • Controller: octave +/-, pitch and modulation
    • White and Pink Noise Generator
    • VCO, VCF, VCA, Ring Modulator, Sample & Hold
    • ADSR Envelope Generator
    • AR Envelope Generator
    • Line output: XLR and 6.3 mm jack
    • Audio input: 6.3 mm jack
    • CV, gate and trigger input and output: 3.5 mm mini jack
    • Headphone output: 6.3 mm stereo jack
    • Foot pedal and footswitch input
    • MIDI in
    • USB
    • Dimensions: 502 x 380 x 120 mm
    • Weight: 5 kg
    • Color: Black / White
    • incl. 9V DC power supply unit
    MIDI inputs: 1x Midi in
    MIDI outputs: 1x Midi out
    Sound generation: Virtual Analog
    Polyphony: 2-5
    Multi-timbral: No
    Number of keys: none
    Sequencer integrated: No

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    Top! 100 percent original!
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    17 Jul 2018

    This incredible sound! Had played the original Arp Odyssey for years - now it's back, 100 percent! The modular version: super and absolutely up to date ... Compliments to Korg - great product! Service from RecordCase: Top, delivery in 2 days - Merci ...!

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