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Alto Professional

Alto Professional

Alto Professional was founded in 2000 by a passionate team of audio engineers dedicated to producing products at affordable prices for use in live performance environments. Through the use of modern manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art DSP technology and sophisticated design, Alto has succeeded in developing a range of products that offer exceptional performance and value for money to the performing musician and live sound engineer.

For this reason, the manufacturer sees itself not as a Sound Reinforcement Company, but as a Live Performance Reinforcement Company. Alto not only produces tools for the live sound engineer - speakers, amplifiers and mixing consoles - but also tools for the performing musician, including all-in-one PA systems for solo, duo and small group performance settings.

Alto's mission is simple: to develop products for live performance that literally knock the competition off its feet - in terms of accuracy, performance, durability, portability and price.  Every product the manufacturer designs, every component he selects and every manufacturing process is at the service of this simple mission.

Alto is committed to the products that have been with customers for years, withstand the rigors of the road and deliver exceptional performance at night and in the evening.

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