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Spotlights are used for stage lighting whenever clearly defined lighting effects are required. With a narrow beam angle, your stage show can illuminate objects, project your logo on the wall and create many other effects that bring any stage to life. Whether it is a single, sharp-edged light cone or a whole spotlight stage, with this lighting technology you will reach your goal.

Where are spotlights used?

Wherever targeted lighting without a large scattering effect is required, Spotlight lighting technology comes into play. You have props on stage? With discreet spotlights you can breathe new life into them. You want to draw attention to yourself as a brand? Throw your logo on the wall behind you with an appropriate projection template. There are many ways to use spotlights on stage and there are no limits to your creativity. Design your stage show according to your ideas!

Whether as an organizer or DJ, with the right choice of stage lighting your event or show will be an unforgettable experience!

Differences with the spotlights

The range of spotlights is as varied as their possible applications. There are different sizes, colours and illuminants.

PAR spotlights are available in various standard sizes, which define the diameter of the housing. Besides the standard size "PAR 64" there are smaller and larger versions. The bulbs suitable for the respective spotlight are also marked with the PAR size specification.

Spotlights work with a low beam angle and are offered in different versions:

  • Very Narrow Spot (VNSP) - beam angle with less than 10
  • Narrow Spot (NSP) - At about 10°.
  • Wide Spot (WSP) - angle with approx. 16°

From about 25°, one is already at the floodlight, which is designed for area illumination.

Spotlights are available in one colour, in RGB and also as UV version.

What does a spotlight cost?

Cheap entry-level spotlights for private use and small stages start at around 20 euros. In the professional sector you can get models up to 900 Euro.


Basically, a spotlight is constructed like a slide or film projector. It consists of a light source, condenser system, a carrier for the projection object and the projection lens. To limit the light cone, the slide has four holders for the shutter apertures. Some devices can also work with projection templates, so-called gobos.

The shutter apertures can be used to limit and adjust the light cone. Usually slides or painted glass originals also fit into the receptacle, but these often have an insufficient quality.

The projection lens is available in different versions. In addition to a fixed focal length with a movable lens, there is also the version with an adjustable focal length by two lenses that can be moved in relation to each other and to the object. A so-called zoom lens.

Choice of illuminants

Spotlights can be easily implemented with halogen bulbs, LEDs are also suitable, but here the quality of the spotlight is important. The latter clearly have the energy advantage over the halogen version! The heat development of LED illuminants is also significantly lower.