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    CME Midi Keyboard X-Key The body of the Xkey is housed in a piece of moulded aluminium. The...altro

    Informazione prodotto "CME X-Key"

    CME Midi Keyboard X-Key

    The body of the Xkey is housed in a piece of moulded aluminium. The thickness is merely 3.6mm. Weighing around 600g, the Xkey is even lighter than the iPad. With a slim and light form factor, the Xkey can be stored in a standard size backpack. Xkey not only inherits the essence of the piano keyboard, it also goes beyond the limits of traditional music keyboard design to meld ruggedness and lightweight mobile features perfectly together .

    The key layout of Xkey follows exactly the traditional piano octave range in accordance with a keyboard player's finger memories and playing habits. An aluminium grille is used to clearly separate each key in order to ensure that the player can locate key positions while playing blind. The structure of each individual key is designed in such a way that the entire key moves down evenly when it is pressed at any point. Such design gives a unified sense of touch to the player.

    Under each key and button, there is a customized pressure sensor connected to an intelligent circuit board with high processing power. The board processes performance data with very low power consumption. Such data include 128 level full velocity intensity and corresponding polyphonic after-touch control, up to 16,000 step pitch-bend control, and real-time response speed manipulation.


    25 full-size keys (2 octaves100% MIDI compliantVelocity sensitivePolyphonic aftertouchPressure sensitive Pitch bend and Modulation buttons, with continuous MIDI control dataOctave +/- push buttonsSustain buttonUSB Powered (no external power supply needed)Firmware upgradable via USBConfigurable via Xkey Plus free app for iOS, Mac OSX, and Windows

    Technical Data

    Dimension (W x H x D): 388 mm (15.27 in) x 135 mm (5.31 in) x 16 mm (0.62 in)
    Weight: 600 g (1.32 lb)
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