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Synq Audio PCM-1

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  • Synq
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    Short Description: SYNQ’s PCM-1 is a multifunctional “designed in Belgium”...más

    Información del producto "Synq Audio PCM-1"

    Short Description:

    SYNQ’s PCM-1 is a multifunctional “designed in Belgium” PCMedia controller, designed for DJs switching from traditional mixing to hi-tech LAPTOP DJing! < This compact 19”/3U DJcontroller is fully USB MIDI compliant so it can be used with any DJ-software available

    Thanks to its well-arranged controls the PCM-1 is the ultimate tool for any computer DJ:

  • 58 buttons

  • 7 digital encoders with push-to-select knobs

  • 9 digital knobs for tone + volume control

  • 5 digital faders, including 1 user replaceable crossfader

  • 2 jog wheels for scratching

  • 2 “magic” shift-buttons double the functions of each control!

  • PCM-1 can be used on any modern laptop or PC (Windows® XP/Vista and Mac® OSX)

  • The builtin 6 channel soundcard is ASIO-compatible and can be configured in different ways: Mixed master output (internal mixer) - Decks A and B with separate outputs and fader start inputs (use with external mixer) - 6.3mm Jack headphone output for PFL

  • PCM-1 comes packaged with a new professional DJ Software called “Deckadance” - NOT just some cheap, completely stripped LE-version but the full featured Deckadance “House edition”, including free upgrades, free online support and user forums and tons of free extra’s such as royalty-free professional loops, samples, etc.

  • Deckadance has incredible nifty functions like “1-click” beat matching, automatic loops, 4 cue points per track, mix recorder, …

  • Deckadance includes 8 samplers (recording/saving samples, volume, beat sync, pitching, effect, PFL, looping, …)

  • Deckadance provides 2 Relooper editors each with effects and 3 fully editable patterns to slice, re-trigger, mute your tracks in perfect beat sync!

  • Deckadance can load any VST-compliant effect to ensure that your creative mixing skills become virtually unlimited!

  • Deckadance can run as a stand alone program or as a VSTi plugin inside your favorite applications such as Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, … to ensure unlimited creativity!

  • Deckadance plays MP3, WAV and OGG
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