DJ-Tech Controller U2 Station MK2_1

DJ-Tech Controller U2 Station MK2

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    The DJ-Tech U2 Station MK2 is a compact, easy to carry, all-in-one mixing solution for the...más

    Información del producto "DJ-Tech Controller U2 Station MK2"

    The DJ-Tech U2 Station MK2 is a compact, easy to carry, all-in-one mixing solution for the Digital DJ.
    DJs can search, cue, play, pitch, mix and even scratch digital music files(MP3) directly from their USB storage device as well as add Effects: Flanger, Filter, Echo and Brake. Large display with search and navigation delivers optimum functionality and unmatched control of your digital music files. Easy to carry and use. U2 Station is the ultimate digital music control station that is perfect for portable set-ups, permanent installations as well as mobile DJ rigs


  • Dual deck USB hard drive player

  • Both player can play same song from the same USB

  • 3 Effects with real time control

  • Large jog wheels for Pitch–bend, Scratch, Search or Set the Parameters of Effects

  • Seamless looping and relooping with stutter–start function

  • Cue play with Flying Cue in real time

  • Pitch control in ±4, 8 and 16 %

  • 2 USB ports and Fader start

  • File formats supported: MP3 (CBR and VBR)

  • Quick folder access with Full ID3 info: Title, Artist, Genre, Rate

  • 2 CH mixer with 3 band EQ and Kill

  • Crossfader Curve

  • Master Tempo

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