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    The Gemini PS4 is a 12.5-inch 4-channel stereo mixer being engineered to provide the most...meer

    Productinformatie "Gemini PS4"

    The Gemini PS4 is a 12.5-inch 4-channel stereo mixer being engineered to provide the most comprehensive features in a robust, dependable package. The Gemini PS4 provides outstanding control for even the most discerning DJs as it boasts four stereo channels, flexible connections and rock-solid construction.

    It’s equally effective for mixing evenly from one source to another or hard-cutting between channels thanks to its smooth Rail Glide cross fader with an adjustable slope. This professional 12.5-inch 4-channel mixer also features Rotary Gain Control and 3-band Rotary EQ for each channel that enables you to blend tracks creatively and professionally. While a dedicated Mic Section lets you adjust the tone and volume of your microphone signal with 2-band EQ and Gain Control, the individual channel Volume faders offer even greater command.

    In Addition, the Gemini PS4 delivers a host of flexible inputs and outputs for total connecting convenience. While the REC output jacks can be used to connect a recording device for capturing your performance, the Master RCA output allows you to connect your main amplifier. The mixer also boasts ¼-inch microphone and headphone jacks as well as two convertible Phono/Line RCA inputs.

    The Gemini PS4 provides Cue features for previewing your tracks before you drop them. That's how this stereo mixer ensures your mix sounds tight and even. While a Cue/PGM rotary enables you to adjust your headphone mix as needed, you can adjust the levels heard through the ¼-inch headphone jack with the mixer’s Cue Volume without changing the overall mix.

    The Gemini PS4 offers a total mixing solution in one durable, dependable package and builds on the legendary design of Gemini’s original PS-626 mixer.


    • 4-channel battle mixer
    • Microphone section with 2-band Mic EQ and adjustable microphone volume
    • Control-switch of each channel
    • Connection options for line and phono equipment
    • Adjustable crossfader curve
    • Suitable for 48cm (19 ") rack installation with brackets (not included)


    • 12.5", 5-line, 4-channel mixer with 2 Phono inputs
    • Balanced XLR outputs
    • Channel rotary Gain control
    • 3-band rotary EQ per channel with -30db cuts
    • Individual VU meter on each channel
    • Main VU meter with Master/Cue option
    • User-replaceable, assignable Rail Glide cross fader with Curve control
    • Microphone Volume with talkover and 2-band EQ
    • Individual channel Cue buttons with rotary Cue/PGM control
    • Two 1/4" mic inputs, one in back and one on top
    • 1/4" headphone output with separate Volume control
    • Master and Record RCA outputs
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 25.4 x 8.4 x 30.4 cm
    • Weight: ca. 2.94 kg

    Aantal kanalen: 4 kanalen
    Hoofdtelefoonuitgang: 1x 6.3 jack
    Rack installatie mogelijk: Geen
    Software incl.: Geen
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