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  • Sony
  • 0020103129
    Feel the power of Sony's MDR-V700DJ Studio Monitor Series DJ Headphones. Featuring Swivel...plus

    Informations sur le produit "SONY MDR-V700 DJ Mono"

    Feel the power of Sony's MDR-V700DJ Studio Monitor Series DJ Headphones. Featuring Swivel Earcups for DJ and remix applications, Reversible Earcups for added flexibility, and an Auto Return Swivel Mechanism, the MDR-V700DJ has got it going on! These headphones also include a 50 mm Diameter Driver for Reference-Quality Sound, a Folding Design, a Wide Molded Headband, and a Stereo UniMatch®Plug. So plug them in and start spinning.


  • Swivel earcups for DJ & remix applications with reversible earcups and auto return swivel mechanism
  • Studio Monitor Series Headphones incorporate high-end materials and advanced engineering; critically clean, exceptionally clear sound for professional and high fidelity applications.
  • Supra-aural design for excellent listening comfort
  • Swivel earcups for DJ and remix applications enable single-sided monitoring. DJs can listen to house sound with one ear while they cue up the next track with the other. Convenient for on-shoulder use.
  • Silver finish for a sleek, professional look
  • Reversible earcups for even greater monitoring flexibility.
  • Auto return swivel mechanism brings the earcups back to standard listening position -- another nice touch from Sony.
  • 50 mm diameter drive units for reference-grade sound; enable superior power handling; deeper bass, lower distortion and wider dynamic range; frequency response extends down to an extraordinary 5 Hz.
  • 3000 mW power handling for the most stringent professional applications; stands up to day-in, day-out use at very high output levels.
  • Neodymium packs more magnetic energy per ounce than conventional.
  • Ferrite, Samarium Cobalt or Aluminum magnets; help produce ample sound output -- 107 dB/mW sensitivity.
  • Oxygen-free copper cord for maximum conductivity, minimum noise; conducts electricity better than conventional copper.
  • Folding design makes for easy storage and easy portability in a briefcase or equipment bag.
  • Supra-aural design rests lightly on the ear; creates a controlled environment for better sound; driver is positioned the correct distance from the ear canal.
  • Wide, molded headband distributes the headphone's weight over a wide area; reduced pressure means comfortable listening for hours on end.
  • Headphone rest -- serrated area on the plug acts as a "hanger;" plugged into a rack of equipment, the headphones can hang on the plug when not in use.
  • Gold-plated plugs resist corrosion for high conductivity, low noise
  • Technical Data

    Sony UniMatch plug systemwith fixed stereo miniplug for use with portable equipment; detachable phone plug for use with studio and home audio equipment
    TypeClosed supra-aural, Dynamic
    Drive Unit50 mm
    Impedance24 ohms
    Sensitivity107 dB/mW
    Power Handling Capacity3000 mW
    Frequency Response5 -- 30,000 Hz
    Headbandwide, adjustable single headband with folding earcups
    Earcupsswivel and reversible for single-sided monitoring; auto-return mechanism
    CordOxygen-free copper; Single-sided, 10 feet (3 m)
    PlugStraight, Gold-plated, stereo UniMatch plug with fixed miniplug and detachable phone plug
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