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    Rediscover your tapes! Digitize your cassettes with Alesis TapeLink USB . This

    Informations sur le produit "Alesis Lecteur Cassette TapeLink USB"

    Rediscover your tapes!

    Digitize your cassettes with Alesis TapeLink USB. This dual-cassette deck enables your to store your irreplaceable recordings on hard disk, flash, or burn them to CD. Clean up your old tape recordings of your band's rehearsals and performances and listen in your car. Rediscover your demos, jam sessions, and song ideas, and then listen to them anywhere on your iPod!

    TapeLink USB is a dubbing and playback deck with digital-audio output via USB. It contains a plug-and-play USB-audio interface which requires no drivers for use with most computers. Its CD-quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz audio output accurately captures your tape recordings for secure digital archival.

    Normal and high-speed dubbing modes save you time when copying your music, and dynamic noise-reduction circuitry and Alesis' software suite assist you in cleaning up aging tapes. TapeLink USB works with metal and CrO2 tapes, and contains an LED level-meter for visual-level reference. Its full auto-stop features saves your irreplaceable older tapes from breaking.

    TapeLink USB comes with a software suite containing three applications. BIAS SoundSoap professional noise-reduction software removes hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, and other background noise. Audacity audio-editing software enables you to make basic modifications, and EZ Tape Converter makes transfer simple and convenient.

    With the great Alesis lineage behind it, TapeLink USB joins a prestigious family of audio recording tools including ADAT, SR16, and MasterLink to name just a few.

    iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.


    Dual-cassette dubbing and playback deck with digital-audio outputPlug-and-play USB audio interface requires no drivers16-bit, 44.1 kHz CD-quality audio outputDynamic noise-reduction circuitry and software assist in cleaning up aging tapesNormal and high-speed dubbing modes save you time
    Works with metal and CrO2 tapesLED level meters provide quick visual referenceFull auto-stop saves older tapes from breakingIncludes software suite with BIAS SoundSoap, Audacity, and EZ Tape ConverterIncludes
    TapeLink USB dual-cassette archiverUSB cablePower cableSoftware CDQuick start guide

    Technical Data

    Minimum System Requirements

    Mac: OS 9 or higherPC: Windows XP or VistaUSB port
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