Synq SMX-3_1
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    The new Synq mixer SMX-3. Features 12 inputs (2 mic + 7 line + 3 phono) on 6 channels (5 faders...meer

    Productinformatie "Synq SMX-3"

    The new Synq mixer SMX-3.


  • 12 inputs (2 mic + 7 line + 3 phono) on 6 channels (5 faders + 1DJ mic)
  • Special matrix input selector for maximum flexibility: exchange all inputs in a second!
  • 2 Master outputs: Master 1 with signal trimming adjustment(XLR + cinch/RCA) - Master 2 (cinch/RCA)
  • Gain and 3-band tone controls with kill function -30dB on all channels
  • LED level meters with peak memory on all channels + Master
  • User replaceable, VCA controlled, high quality faders with curve control on all channels
  • User replaceable, VCA controlled, cross fader with curve control (soft → sharp cutoff)
  • Easy A/B channel selection for crossfader
  • Versatile MP3-sampler: Based on SDHC™-memory cards (several hours audio recording!) - Max. 99 memory banks with each 5 samples on every SDHC™ Card!
  • - Stereo samples can be recorded in MP3-format (192kbps)
    - Individual speed control for all samples! - General speed control with master tempo! (pitch lock) - Polyphony: 2 samples can be played together - Seamless loops with editable begin and endpoints - Sampler in/outputs assignable to any channel
  • Full automatic beat counters
  • Crossfader start control for compatible CD-players
  • 2 Beat synchronized Crossfader mixing effects
  • 8 Beat synchronized digital effects with user programmable effect presets: Echo, Autopan, Flanger, Manual filter, Auto filter, Reverb, Trans, Pitch Shifter
  • Stereo effect send/return to connect external effect processors
  • Adjustable DJ microphone talk-over function
  • High power Phones output with “cue/pgm mixing” possibility
  • Firmware upgradeable with SD™-cards
  • Technical Data

  • Freq. Range (all channels): 25 - 20.000Hz ±1dB
  • THD + noise (line + aux): 0,05% (25-20.000Hz)
  • Channel Crosstalk: ore than 75 dB @ 1kHz
  • Sampler Capacity: depends on SDHC Card
  • Dimensions (mm): 320/W x 370/D x 109/H
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Aantal kanalen: 4 kanalen
    Hoofdtelefoonuitgang: 1x 6.3 jack
    Rack installatie mogelijk: Nee
    Software incl.: Geen
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