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    With the SMX-1, SYNQ Audio Research presents an impressive looking and extremely versatile pro...meer

    Productinformatie "Synq SMX-1"

    With the SMX-1, SYNQ Audio Research presents an impressive looking and extremely versatile pro DJ effects mixer. The SMX-1 is built to resist any discotheque environment. It has 13 inputs on six Channels. All channels are equipped with gain, PFL and three-band tone controls (-30dB kill). All high quality channel faders are user replaceable, even when the mixer is playing. One of the two masters is balanced and fitted with signal trimming. There's even a digital S/PDIF output on board. The SMX-1 has eight DSP effects: Echo, Autopan, Flange, Manual filter, Auto filter, Reverb, Chop and Pitch Shifter that are all beat synchronized thanks to the two automatic beat counters. All DSP effects have presets but are also adjustable to the user's personal taste. Together with the SYNQ CDX-1 CD player, users can create awesome mixes using the three Beat synchronised crossfader effects. The user replaceable VCA crossfader has curve tuning from soft to sharp cut-off. The very high power phones output offers effects cue, split cue and cue/pgm mixing options.


  • 13 inputs on 6 Channels (2mic + 4channels on fader)
  • 2 Master outputs: Master with signal trimming (XLR, balanced), Zone output “master 2” (cinch, unbalanced)
  • 3-band tone controls with kill -30dB on all channels
  • Special, user replaceable, high quality faders
  • User replaceable VCA controlled cross fader
  • Easy A/B channel selection for cross fader
  • Cross fader start control for compatible CD-players
  • 3 Beat synchronized Cross fader mixing effects
  • Adjustable Cross fader curve (soft sharp cutoff)
  • Full automatic beat counters
  • 8 Beat synchronized digital effects: Echo, Autopan, Flanger, Manual filter, Auto filter, Reverb, Trans, Pitch Shifter
  • Preprogrammed effect presets
  • LCD display with back-light with clear information for both effects and beat counters
  • Effect Cue function
  • Coaxial digital S/PDIF output for recording
  • Microphone talk-over function
  • High power Phones output with “split cue” and “cue/pgm mixing” possibility
  • Selectable (cue/pgm) LED VU-meter with peak hold.
  • Very compact design

  • Technical Data

    Dimensions: 482 x 221 x 87.5mm (19” / 5U)
    Aantal kanalen: 4 kanalen
    Hoofdtelefoonuitgang: 1x 6.3 jack
    Rack installatie mogelijk: Nee
    Software incl.: Geen
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