Roland SP-404 MKII

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    The Roland SP-404MKII is the consistent further development of its popular predecessor with new...meer

    Productinformatie "Roland SP-404 MKII"

    The Roland SP-404MKII is the consistent further development of its popular predecessor with new features, functions and useful details. A compact, mobile sampling workstation with the reduction to the essentials, but still with good power under the hood.

    An updated resampling workflow simplifies re-recording of patterns and effect layers. Thanks to the generous selection of new effects in addition to the classic SP effects, the sound design potential is enormous and is ideally suited for genres where the sound can also be dirtier at times, such as boom bap or drum n base.

    An OLED display not only shows current information, but also offers visual sample editing, the ability to type edit points in real time, or for pattern sequencing.

    The SP-404MKII is equipped with a USB-C port for connecting to mobile devices. You can sample audio from mobile apps, recorded videos, or any other audio source from your device. Furthermore, the USB port can be used to connect to the SP app on your computer to edit samples and manage projects.

    Performers who normally perform with two SP sampling workstations will be pleased with the SP-404MKII's new DJ mode. It offers a whole new approach to live performances, allowing you to control and mix two audio files with eight pad controllers per side.

    Features Roland SP-404 MKII

    • Compact and mobile sampling workstation for production and live performance
    • 144 preloaded samples and patterns in 9 banks for a quick start
    • Huge sample storage capacity with 16 GB onboard memory and support for 32 GB SD cards
    • 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads with 9 color modes
    • OLED display for visual waveform editing
    • Can sample from mobile devices via USB-C or even stream audio directly to the device
    • Envelope and pitch shift for sample shaping
    • Effects such as lo-fi tape simulation and resonator, as well as vocoder, auto-tune, and guitar amp simulator via mic/guitar input
    • Updated resampling workflow makes it easy to re-record samples through various effects
    • Two headphone outputs allow collaboration with other musicians without a mixer or headphone splitter
    • Skip Back Sampling captures up to 25 seconds of a performance - never miss a sample again just because recording wasn't pressed
    • Pad Link allows up to 4 pads to be triggered simultaneously
    • Roll button to trigger note repeats at speeds from 1/2 beat to 1/64 beat
    • DJ mode lets you mix and edit 2 audio files with 8 controls per side
    • BPM can be set per bank for scripted tempo changes
    • Powered by USB-C, portable battery, 6 AA batteries or AC adapter (included)

    Technical specifications

    • Maximum polyphony: 32 voices
    • Internet memory: 16 Gb
    • Samples = 2,560 (16 samples x 10 banks x 16 projects)
    • Patterns = 2,560 (16 patterns x 10 banks x 16 projects)
    • Maximum sampling time: 16 minutes (approx. 176 MB per sample)
    • Skip-back sampling: 25 seconds (recording the last moments of the performance)
    • Data format: 16-bit linear WAV, AIFF, MP3 import supported
    • Sampling frequency: 48kHz
    • Display: OLED graphic display
    • Effects: Multi-effects: 37 types | Input effects: 2 types
    • Resolution: 80 ticks, quarter note
    • Pattern length:1 to 64 bars
    • Recording modes: Real-time loop recording
    • External memory: SD card for backup, restore, import and export functions
    • Power supply: AC adapter (included), 6x AA batteries, USB
    • Weight: 1.1 kg
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 177 x 276 x 70 mm

    Scope of delivery

    • Roland SP-404 MKII
    • AC adapter
    • Roland user registration card
    • Warranty card
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Instruction sheets and notes
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    -- Toon origineel --

    Zeer snelle levering, onberispelijk, goede prijs, geweldige machine. graag weer

    5 / 5 Punten

    Love this sampler

    What a fantastic machine. A logic workflow (although switching between pattern mode and sample mode takes some time to get used to), amazing effects and I can take it anywhere with me.

    Do get yourself a myvolts cable or usb-c to usb-c cable with fitting power bank so you don't have to rely on batteries. More sustainable and take much longer to run out of power.

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