RedSound Soundbite Micro

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    The Redsound Soundbite Micro. Audio/MIDI synchronizer to synchronize midi data, Ableton Live...meer

    Productinformatie "RedSound Soundbite Micro"

    The Redsound Soundbite Micro. Audio/MIDI synchronizer to synchronize midi data, Ableton Live software etc.

    With the size of a palm and battery-operated - the SoundBITE micro is an indispensable, portable remix tool for DJs!

    The Loop Sampler section is based on the successful Soundbite XL, which allows the user to generate 24-bit loop samples (at 96kHz) in real time. All this can only be done by pressing a key and without skipping a beat. In addition, it is possible to automatically synchronize up to 4 loops with the same ease.

    Up to now it has always been a tricky and time-consuming task to synchronize MIDI files. The SoundBITE micro automatically synchronizes audio and MIDI data to simplify and enhance your performance. Completely new possibilities arise.

    In the heart of the Redsound SounBITE micro, Redsounds beats the well-known "BPM Analysis Engine" (extended V3 version for improved performance!), which is responsible for calculating the tempo. This allows the DJ to fully concentrate on mixing the loop samples and/or changing the settings on your MIDI device.

    The SoundBITE micro integrates perfectly into any DJ/studio setup thanks to its simple operation and cabling, the compact Palm-size housing and the practical power supply via the included power supply unit or completely independent in battery operation.

    The SoundBITE micro will definitely change your live performance or studio mix and one last thing: Don't be afraid of mistakes... the SoundBITE micro won't let them!

    Features RedSound Soundbite Micro

    • Sample rate / Conversion resolution: 96kHz / 24 bit
    • Loop Polyphony: 4 loops (4, 8, 16, 32 beats)
    • MIDI OUT: System real time clock transmitted (start, stop, continue, reset commands)
    • MIDI IN: MIDI-merge.
    • External filter effect control via continuous controllers (Freq = cc74) (Res = cc75)
    • Pull/Push: manual synchronisation adjustment for loops/MIDI clock
    • Effects: Low-Pass, High-Pass & Band-Pass analog style filter effects in 'straight-thru' mode.
    • BPM range: 60 - 230BPM (3 ranges)
    • Tri-colour LED: red/green/blue led multi-function indicator
    • Connections: Audio input, Loops output, Headphone output, MIDI In, MIDI Out, AC charger/adapter input
    • Power Supply: (included) 6vDC 800mA Output plug = 1mm centre pin + Battery:(included) Poliflex 3.7V ultra slim-line rechargeable battery
    • Battery Life: up to 8 hours

    Technical Data RedSound Soundbite Micro

    • Dimensions: 135 x 51 x 14 mm
    • Accessories (included): Connecting Cables (input:- 1 x 6.3mm Jack > 3.5mm Jack ), (output:- 1 x twin RCA >3.5mm Jack ), (MIDI 2 x 5 pin DIN > USB mini plug)
    • Mounting kit
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    -- Toon origineel --


    5 / 5 Punten

    Cool stuk in zakformaat

    -- Toon origineel --

    Als u op zoek bent naar een kleine, gebruiksvriendelijke looper die ook op batterijen werkt, vindt u deze hier. Alle kabels die dit nodig heeft, zijn ook inbegrepen. Geweldig apparaat!

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    Geweldig speelgoed

    -- Toon origineel --

    Ik kan het alleen maar eens zijn met de mening. Het onderdeel is geweldig! Ableton voor je zak. Ik had nooit gedacht dat loopsynchronisatie zo goed zou werken ... midi-synchronisatie gaat ook heel goed! De rol is echt leuk, bestuurt externe synths of samplers, registreer loops - speel etc.! Meer effecten kunnen daar zijn, maar anders alleen aanbevolen, een geweldig hulpmiddel voor creatieve uitbreiding!

    4 / 5 Punten

    Cool effect voor weinig geld

    -- Toon origineel --

    Ik gebruik geen midi-synchronisatie, maar het lusgedeelte is geweldig! Supergemakkelijke en altijd synchrone loops uit verschillende bronnen. Ableton als hardwareversie en in zakformaat. En alles voor een ongelooflijke 59, - Euro. Ik kan de Redsound Micro volledig aanbevelen.

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