Rane Serato Control Vinyl LYM-CLEAR 12" (2 pieces)

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    The brand new Rane Serato LYM-Clear Control Vinyl 2LP is a limited edition double 12"...meer

    Productinformatie "Rane Serato Control Vinyl LYM-CLEAR 12" (2 pieces)"

    The brand new Rane Serato LYM-Clear Control Vinyl 2LP is a limited edition double 12" Performance Series Pressing release. This is a one-off pressing and is available for short period in our Online-Store.

    Every record is unique. Starting with a clear glass base, a blend of special high melting point polymers was randomly dropped in, that conjured the unique candy red, echo blue and canary yellow to create the Serato Clearly LYM.

    The Rane Serato LYM-Clear Control Vinyls have different picture motifs and feature a re-mastered Serato NoiseMap™ Control Tone on both sides. The tone is 6dB louder than existing Scratch Live vinyl, allowing for precise tracking, better vinyl wear and the best digital vinyl emulation on the market.


  • Belongs to the Serato Pressing Performance Series
  • Incl. the approved Serato NoiseMap Control signal, remastered and 6dB louder than previous Control Vinyls (10 min. on side A and 15 min. on side B)
  • „Vinyl Select“-Function enables you to control the MP3-files in the Library
  • Permanent Control signal on the Control Vinyl allows trouble-free and precise scratching and mixing
  • Innovative positioning system for fast and exact positioning of the needle (Needle Dropping)
  • Visible time markers subdivided into minutes on the Control Vinyl
  • Specifications

  • Content of delivery: 2 pieces
  • 2x12", 125 g LYM-CLEAR Control Vinyl as limited edition
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