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    The Omnitronic CDP-180 a modern CD-player in a classical design. Features The 20 second...meer

    Productinformatie "Omnitronic CDP-180"

    The Omnitronic CDP-180 a modern CD-player in a classical design.


  • The 20 second Anti-Shock buffer keeps the CD from jumping
  • All functions located in a well-structured operating field
  • With infrared remote-control
  • Comfortable track-selection via Skip-buttons and +10-button
  • Large Play/Pause-button and Cue-button
  • Auto Cue-function: the player automatically jumps to where the music starts
  • Back Cue-function: by pressing the Cue-button, the player returns to the track-start or Cue-point
  • Ergonomic LCD-display of all operation modes
  • Display switchable from track remain time to track playback time
  • Visual warning from 15 seconds before track-end
  • Pitch-adjustment via Pitchfader is displayed
  • Pitch Bend-buttons for synchronizing the bass-beat of 2 signal-sources
  • Pitch-adjustment of +/- 12 % via Pitchfader
  • Jog/Shuttle-wheel for quick track-selection and framewise search (1/75 sec)
  • Sequence-playback via Loop-button possible
  • Up to 20 tracks can be programmed
  • Single-mode for playing one track only
  • Open/Close-button locked in playback-mode
  • LED-display of all important functions
  • 19"-dimensions
  • Technical Data

    Power supply: 115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz ~
    Power consumption: 14 W
    Type: Single Compact Disc Player
    Available disc: Standard CDs 8 and 12 cm
    Quantisation: D/A-converter: 1 Bit
    Sampler frequency: 44.1 kHz
    Program memory: Up to 20 songs
    Pitch adjustment: ± 12 %
    Display: Remaining track time and Track playback time
    Distortion: 0.02 %
    S/N-ratio: 88 dB
    Channel seperation: 80 dB
    Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz; +/- 1 dB
    Audio output: unbalanced via RCA
    Output level: 2 Vrms

    Dimensions: 482 x 90 x 255 mm (19"-dimensions)
    Weight: 4.5 kg
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