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Martin Lichtsturing Freekie

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    Add lighting control to your scratch, backspin, bend, drag, brake and power down. Read more...meer

    Productinformatie "Martin Lichtsturing Freekie"

    Add lighting control to your scratch, backspin, bend, drag, brake and power down.

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    The Freekie is a new DJ controller that adds instant lighting control to the dancefloor mix. Packed with easy to use features, Freekie has easy pitch and pan/tilt control for instant lightshow to music synchronization. Freekie lets you control up to 12 fixtures, each with 12 channels; and there’s also a smoke and strobe button you can customise to control 2 additional DMX units.


  • Pitch fader allowing instant speed manipulation of lightshow
  • Controls up to 12 fixtures each with 12 channels
  • Smart macro function for easy creation of circle movements
  • Joystick for pan/tilt control
  • Master intensity fader for all fixtures
  • Audio control: built-in microphone or external control signal input
  • Multi-purpose smoke and strobe buttons (customizable for additional DMX units)
  • Instant control of up to 24 shows with MIDI
  • Set wait/fade times for advanced programming
  • Followspot function: isolate any single fixture to work as joystick-controlled followspot

  • Technical Data

    Height: 95 mm (3.7")
    Length: 482 mm (19.0")
    Width: 176 mm (6.9")
    Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)
    Supported rack size: 19” 4U

    Cover, case: steel
    Buttons, knobs: plastic
    Feet: rubber

    Direct current: 9 volts
    Output: 1 amp

    Shows capacity: 10 banks, each containing up to 12 shows
    Scene capacity per show: 10
    DMX signal input / output: DMX512
    DMX signal output: 168 Channel
    DMX connector: XLR 5 PIN (x2), 3 PIN (x2)

    Sound (via internal microphone or external audio input)
    Programmed scene times
    MIDI keys 1-24

    Power input: 9v DC input
    5-pin DMX output: 2
    3-pin DMX output: 2
    Audio in: 1
    MIDI input: 1
    MIDI throughput: 1
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