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Electro-Voice CP2200

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    Compact Precision Series Class H Power Amplifier Key Features2 x 1,200W into 2 ohms Highly...meer

    Productinformatie "Electro-Voice CP2200"

    Compact Precision Series Class H Power Amplifier
    Key Features2 x 1,200W into 2 ohms Highly efficient Class-H design 2 rack space units Only 35 lbs (16 kg) Complete protection package Dynamic limiter General Description: The Electro-Voice® CP2200 is from the compact and lightweight Compact Precision Series of professional amplifiers. The high efficient Class-H design reduces the power dissipation significantly and allows for more amplifier channels and output power in a given rack space. The audio performance of the CP2200 is state-of-the art and fulfills the highest sound expectations in demanding applications from concert sound to theater. The CP2200 features the same complete protection package as all EV Precision Series amplifiers. Protection against: excessive HF, DC fault , high temperature, and Back-EMF as well as turn-on delay, and peak current and inrush current limiters. In addition to the rated output power, the CP2200 provides 30% percent headroom for a wide dynamic range of music signals. The onboard dynamic limiter ensures that the output signal of the CP2200 will not exceed a THD of 1% up to an input signal of +21dBu. Detend level controls provide precise and repeatable settings. Front panel LEDs indicate signal present, 0 dB and limit. Paralleled male and female input XLRs provide for easy rack wiring.

    Technical Data

  • Continuous rated power (1k Hz, THD 1%) 2Ω 1100 Watts
  • Continuous rated power (1k Hz, THD 1%) 4Ω 800 Watts
  • Continuous rated power (1k Hz, THD 1%) 8Ω 500 Watts
  • Continuous rated power (20-20k Hz, THD
  • <0,2%) 4Ω 700 Watts
  • Continuous rated power (20-20k Hz, THD
  • <0,2%) 8Ω 350 Watts
  • Maximum bridged output 4Ω 2200 Watts
  • Maximum bridged output 8Ω 1600 Watts
  • Electronics Type Amplifier
  • Total harmonic distortion
  • < 0.05 %
  • Intermodulation Distortion (SMTPE)
  • < 0.02 %
  • Input Impedance (balanced) 20 kΩ
  • Weight Net 16 kg ( 35.27 lbs )
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 88.1 x 483 x 368.8 mm (3.47" x 19.02" x 14.52")
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