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Vestax VCM-600 - B-Stock

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    The VCM-600 is a high quality MIDI controller with Vestax mixer technology designed especially...altro

    Informazione prodotto "Vestax VCM-600 - B-Stock"

    The VCM-600 is a high quality MIDI controller with Vestax mixer technology designed especially for DJs.
    160 parameters of the DJ software can be assigned to the advanced control section, and has excellent compatibility with Ableton LIVE 6 & 7.

    The VCI series was designed with JOG wheels to duplicate turntable operation. On the other hand, the VCM-600 is a controller specialized for mixing, which offers excellent performance to DJs who mix with digital music media and computer based systems.

    The Vestax VCM-600 shares the same quality control parts used on Vestax mixers and 2 LED panels are placed on each side of the controller to illuminate the top panel for clear operability and vision in clubs.


    • Controls 160 parameters of Ableton DJ software and other MIDI compliant software with high resolution MIDI signals sent via USB
    • LED panels placed on each side of the VCM-600 provide clear visuals to DJs by illuminating the top panel
    • High quality input faders and pitch faders from the VCI-100 and PMC-580 are also applied to the VCM-600 for advanced operability
    • Simple plug & play activation with Apple and Windows operating system computers

    Second choice articles are demonstration devices or samples. Its possible that the packaging is either damaged or completely missing. Apart from that some of these articles have small optical defects (traces of use). They do not have any effect on the operativeness of the product.

    Detailed information can be found here.


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