Tascam DR-40 MK2

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    Tascam Digital Recorder DR-40 MK2 The Tascam Digital Recorder DR-40 MK2 is a portable digital...altro

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    Tascam Digital Recorder DR-40 MK2

    The Tascam Digital Recorder DR-40 MK2 is a portable digital recorder. You can take it anywhere because of its size. The light weighted and multi-tasking voice and sound recorder has adjustable condenser microphones, XLR mic inputs and extended battery life. Pair of great-sounding Tascam microphone preamps welcomes condenser microphones with phantom power, recording at up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution. The DR-40 MK2 accepts SD or SDHC cards up to 32GB, and a 2GB card is included. Recordings can be transferred to computer using a USB 2.0 connection.


    · Portable, high-quality handheld recording
    · Compact size and easy operation
    · Uses a SD/SDHC card as recording medium (2 GB included)
    · Supported audio formats:
    - Linear PCM (WAV format) at 44.1/48/96 kHz and 16/24-bit
    - Compressed (MP3 format): 32–320 kbit/s at 44.1/48 kHz (VBR files can be played but not recorded)

    Technical Data

    Analogue audio inputs and outputs
    · Microphone input (EXT MIC/LINE IN, phantom power supported): XLR-3-31 (1 = ground, 2 = hot, 3 = cold (–))
    - Input impedance: 2.2 kOhm
    - Nominal input level: –19 dBV
    - Maximum input level: –3 dBV
    · Line input (EXT MIC/LINE IN): 6.3-mm TRS standard jack (Tip = hot, Ring = cold, Sleeve = ground)
    - Input impedance: 10 kOhm or more
    - Nominal input level: +4 dBu
    - Maximum input level: +20 dBu
    · Headphones/Line output: 3.5-mm stereo mini jack
    - Output impedance: 12 Ohm
    - Nominal output level: –14 dBV (10 kOhm load)
    - Maximum output level: +2 dBV (10 kOhm load)
    - Maximum output power: 20 mW + 20 mW (when connected to headphones, 32 Ohm load)
    · Built-in loudspeaker: 0.3 W (monaural)

    Other inputs and outputs
    · USB: Mini-B type
    · Format: USB 2.0 HIGH SPEED mass storage class
    · REMOTE: 2.5mm TRS jack

    Audio performance
    · Frequency response (EXT IN to LINE OUT, JEITA):
    - 20 Hz–20 kHz +1/–3 dB (44.1 kHz)
    - 20 Hz–22 kHz +1/–3 dB (48 kHz)
    - 20 Hz–40 kHz +1/–3 dB (96 kHz)
    · Total harmonic distortion: 0.05 % or lower (EXT IN to LINE OUT, 44.1/48/96 kHz, JEITA)
    · S/N ratio: 92 dB or higher (EXT IN to LINE OUT, 44.1/48/96kHz, JEITA)
    · Note on JEITA: Conforming to JEITA CP-2150

    · Windows
    - Pentium 300 MHz or faster
    - 128 MB or more memory
    - USB port (USB 2.0 recommended)
    · Macintosh
    - Power PC, iMac, G3, G4 266 MHz or faster
    - 64 MB or more memory
    - USB port (USB 2.0 recommended)
    · Recommended USB host controller: Intel chipset
    · Supported operating systems
    - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    - Macintosh Mac OS X 10.2 or later

    · Power supply:
    - Three AA batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH)
    - USB bus power supplied from a computer
    - AC adaptor (TASCAM PS-P515U, sold separately)
    · Power consumption: 1.7 W (maximum)
    · Operating temperature range: 0–40 °C
    · Dimensions (W x H x D):
    - when the microphone pair is closed: 70 x 155 x 35 mm
    - when the microphone pair is open: 90 x 155 x 35 mm
    · Weight: 0.213 kg (not including batteries)
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