Reloop RMX-40 DSP BlackFire edt.

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    Welcome to the dark side! Reloop's new BlackFire Edition has turned to the darkest side and...altro

    Informazione prodotto "Reloop RMX-40 DSP BlackFire edt."

    Welcome to the dark side! Reloop's new BlackFire Edition has turned to the darkest side and proves its outstanding status not only in visual terms. The new rubberised potentiometers and the ergonomically formed fader caps are marked by an exceptional ease of operation. Their white applications integrate smoothly into the homogenous design of this mixer series. Even at night, the revamped bright LED's will not leave you alone in the dark.

    The Reloop RMX-40 DSP owes its name to the effect unit which gives DJs in addition to the send/return loop for external processors also a choice of integrated effects like Pan, Trans, Delay, Echo, Flanger, Filter, Phase and Pitch Shifter. Linked to the beat counter, the effect parameters can be assigned to the various beats or simply manually modulated with a time and a level/depth parameter potentiometer. Especially DJ-friendly is the RMX-40 series with a headphones output that features an equalizer and a mono switch. Additionally, all channels have reversible faders with variable curves, their own level LEDs and automatic beat counters. The cross fader controls all input channels, activates the sources with Fader Start and cuts their frequencies using the Kill Switches. Technology for the pro!


  • 4+1 channel PRO club mixer
  • Outstanding sound created by Premium Sound Architecture (PSA)
  • Automatic beat counter for all channels (double 3-digit display)
  • Freely assignable effects unit (Pan, Trans, Delay, Echo, Flanger, Filter, Phase, Pitch Shifter) with time and level parameters
  • Manual beat assignment of effects
  • Freely assignable Long Life TCT Crossfader (45 mm) with adjustable curve
  • Crossfader Start Play
  • Long Life Linefader (60 mm) with adjustable curve, reversible
  • Metal potentiometer
  • Kill unit for both crossfader channels with flash function (-60 dB)
  • Send/Return effect for all channels
  • Extra LED display per channel for pre-listening signal
  • Gain control with 3-fold sound control (+10 / -40 dB) per channel
  • Mic channel 1 with 3-fold sound control (+10 / -40 dB), Gain, Cue & talk-over
  • Mic channel 2 with 3-fold sound control (+10 / -40 dB), Gain & Cue
  • Ultra high-performance headphones out 1-way equalizer (mono option, Cue-Master-Mix, with mono/stereo switch)
  • 2 adjustable master outputs with balancing function (with mono/stereo switch and trim control)
  • Outputs: 2 Master (Master 1: XLR/Cinch, Master 2: Cinch), 1 Rec (Cinch), 1 Send (6.3 mm jack)
  • Inputs: 4 phono (Cinch), 4 (+4) Line (Cinch), 2 Mic (Mic 1: Combi, Mic 2: 6.3 mm jack), 1 return (6.3 mm jack)
  • Technical Data

    Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    S/N ratio: -80 dB
    Distortion: 0.01%

    Dimensions: 320 x 357 x 87 mm
    Weight: 5.6 kg
    Numero di canali: 4 canali
    Uscita cuffie: 1x 6.3 jack
    Installazione in rack possibile: No
    Software incl.: Nessuna
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