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    You’ve mastered mixing and scratching on two channels. Pushing the limit is in your nature and...altro

    Informazione prodotto "Rane Sixty-Four"

    You’ve mastered mixing and scratching on two channels. Pushing the limit is in your nature and it’s time to raise the bar.
    The Rane Sixty-four mixer and Serato DJ software are the tools you need to step your game up. More channels, more decks, more effects…


    • built-in software controls for up to two computers,
    • Incl. Serato DJ software,
    • Incl. Rane ASIO and Core Audio Drivers for Serato DJ and different audio programs
    • Control Library, Cues, Loops and Samples on two computers,
    • USB ports supports six stereo record and five stereo playback channels
    • Advanced MIDI and audio routing: route any deck to either USB Port, and MIDI follows the audio
    • Playback channels support (USB): Playback for four Virtual Decks,
    • 3-band isolator tone controls with full cut, Low-pass / high-pass sweep Filter with resonance adjustment Crossfader


    Analog Inputs

    • 4 Stereo unbalanced RCA jacks
    • Phono or Line Level Inputs have rear panel switches for each input.
    • Phono Response is RIAA ±1 dB, Gain: 31 dB at 1 kHz.
    • Max Phono Input = 126 mV.
    • Max Line Input = 4 Vrms.

    Digital Signal Processing

    • 48 kHz, 32-bit floating point.

    USB Audio

    • Six Stereo Record, Five Stereo Playback.

    FlexFX Return

    • Unbalanced 1/4" TS (tip-sleeve) phone jacks.

    FlexFX Send

    • Unbalanced 1/4" (tip-sleeve) TS phone jacks.

    Mic Input

    • Two Mic Inputs
    • Mic 1 +48V Phantom Power on/off switch
    • Mic 2 Mic/Line-level switch

    Line Outputs

    • Main Out is on a pair of balanced XLR jacks with pin 2 "hot" per AES standards.

    Headphones outputs are available on both 1/4˝ TRS and 3.5 mm jacks.

    Unit Size

    • 14.3" x 12" x 4" (36.4 cm x 30.5 cm x 10.2 cm)

    Weight = 11.3 lb (5.2 kg)

    Numero di uscite: 1x Booth (jack)
    1x Digital
    1x Master (RCA)
    1x Master (XLR)
    Numero di canali: 4 canali
    Numero di ingressi AUX: 1x RCA
    Numero di ingressi LINE: 5x RCA
    Numero di ingressi PHONO: 4x RCA
    Numero di ingressi digitali: 1x coax
    Numero di ingressi RETURN: 1x Jack L/R
    Numero di uscite SEND: 1x Jack L/R
    Uscita cuffie: 1x 6.3 jack
    Ingresso microfono: 2x 6.3 jack
    2x XLR
    Porta USB: Si
    Scheda audio integrata: Si
    Installazione in rack possibile: No
    Software incl.: Nessuna
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    good sound

    relly good mixer. price bit too high, but sound is very good.

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