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    The Pro-Ject VC-E is a compact and very cost-effective record cleaning machine. Regardless of...altro

    Informazione prodotto "Pro-Ject VC-E"

    The Pro-Ject VC-E is a compact and very cost-effective record cleaning machine. Regardless of its size and price, the VC-E offers many features:

    The aluminium surface of the VC-E is able to withstand excessive cleaning fluid without damaging the cabinet.

    The VC-E is very powerful and cleans records in only one or two rotations. The best results are achieved with one revolution forward and one revolution backward. One revolution takes 2 seconds, which is about three times faster than comparable cleaning machines. The result is a much faster and more effective cleaning process.

    A clamp seals the plate label and prevents damage from cleaning fluid.

    The robust metal arm is easy to operate, mechanically stable and concentrates the entire suction power directly onto the record.

    Our environmentally friendly and alcohol-free vinyl cleaning concentrate Wash it offers very good cleaning results and reduces static electricity, so that the wear and tear of records and needles is considerably reduced.

    Features Pro-Ject VC-E

    • Compact new housing made of aluminium composite boards
    • Super fast cleaning
    • 0,5l tank for cleaning liquid
    • Removes detergent residues (Wash it) in 1 - 2 rotations
    • Environmentally friendly, alcohol-free cleaning fluid effectively cleans and removes static charge from records
    • Clamp seals the label and prevents damage from cleaning fluid

    Technical data

    • Nominal speed: 30 rpm.
    • Mains connection: 110/120 or 320/240 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 230 V / 800 W, 120 V / 650 W
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 310 x 266 x 210 mm
    • Weight: 6,5 kg

    Included in delivery

    • Pro-Ject VC-E record cleaning device
    • Brush
    • suction arm
    • Self-adhesive Sample lips
    • Plastic clamp
    • Wash it (100 ml)
    • Power cord
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    ottimo acquisto.

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    Macchina molto buona, consegna al top! Avrei meritato 5 stelle se il prodotto "wash it" del marchio fosse più strofinando e se la spazzola in dotazione perdesse meno peli. Ma altri dovrebbero essere testati. Aspirazione molto potente, super clamp: nichel.