Omnitronic WDT-5.0 AptX

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    The WDT-5.0 is a handy 2in1 Bluetooth adapter with transmitter and receiver functions. The...altro

    Informazione prodotto "Omnitronic WDT-5.0 AptX"

    The WDT-5.0 is a handy 2in1 Bluetooth adapter with transmitter and receiver functions. The high-quality CSR8675 chipset with Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures fast and stable connections. In transmit mode, the sound from your TV is simply transmitted via Bluetooth to headphones or speakers. Using it as a receiver allows you to play music from your smartphone wirelessly on your stereo system. 

    The adapter supports aptX HD technology in both modes and can therefore transmit audio with better sound quality than standard Bluetooth. With the aptX Low Latency Codec, latency is limited to 40 ms, allowing you to enjoy audio in perfect sync with your picture. Your Bluetooth headphones or speakers must also support the aptX codec. 

    The adapter can be paired with 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time and stores up to 8 devices for automatic reconnection when switched on again. No need to pair again. The internal battery has a running time of up to 20 hours with 2 hours charging time and supports simultaneous charging and streaming. Alternatively, the device can be powered via the included micro USB cable at any USB socket. 

    The adapter offers an analog 3.5 mm jack socket and digital optical Toslink inputs and outputs for the audio connection. All necessary connection cables are included. 

    Features Omnitronic WDT-5.0 AptX

    • Bluetooth 5.0 with latest CSR8675 chipset
    • Switchable between transmit and receive mode
    • Supports aptX HD for Bluetooth streaming with excellent audio quality
    • Supports aptX Low Latency for lip-synchronous sound transmission from TV
    • In transmit mode, simply cable the TV or any other audio source and wirelessly transmit the sound to 2 compatible Bluetooth headphones or speakers
    • In receiver mode, you can play music from your smartphone on your stereo system
    • Dual-link function: stream music to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously in send mode
    • Multipoint function: in receiver mode, couple 2 audio sources simultaneously
    • Simple music control in receiver mode (playback/pause, volume, track selection)
    • Codec and status display via LED
    • Integrated battery with up to 20 hours running time (charging 2 hours)
    • Supports simultaneous loading and streaming
    • Stores up to 8 paired devices for automatic reconnection
    • Audio input/output via 3.5 mm jack and Toslink optical jacks
    • Extremely compact and lightweight

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Bluetooth transceiver
    • 1 x Micro-USB charging cable
    • 1 x plug-in power supply unit
    • 1 x audio cable (3.5 mm jack)
    • 1 x adapter cable (3.5 mm jack/cinch)
    • 1 x digital optical Toslink cable
    • Power connection: Power supply Micro-USB (W) built-in version Power cable for USB A Power supply (included); Battery/rechargeable battery Built in
    • Control: Bluetooth

    Technical data

    • Bluetooth: Version 5.0, Class 2
    • Chipset: CSR BC8675
    • Profiles: Receiver mode: A2DP, AVRCP
    • Transmission mode: A2DP
    • Supported codecs Receiver mode: aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX, AAC, SBC
    • Supported codecs Transmission mode: aptX HD, aptX low latency, aptX, SBC
    • Carrier frequency: 2.402-2.480 GHz
    • Range: 10 m (line of sight)
    • Supports Dual-Link: Stream music to 2 Bluetooth devices
    • Supports Multipoint: Simultaneous coupling with 2 audio sources
    • Battery type: Li-ion 3.7 V, 350 mA
    • Charging voltage: 5 V, 350 mA via Micro-USB connection or supplied power supply unit
    • Battery life (Aux): receiver mode: 17.5 hours, transmit mode: 20 hours
    • Battery life (SPDIF): receiver mode: 12.5 hours, transmit mode: 14 hours
    • Battery charging time: 2 hours
    • Connections: 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack (analog input/output), 1 x Toslink (optical input), 1 x Toslink (optical output)
    • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
    • Weight: 0,14 kg
    • Power connection: Power supply Micro-USB (W) built-in version Power connection cable for USB A Mains connection; Battery/rechargeable battery
    • Power supply: 110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 5 V DC 500 mA
    • Height: 2,2 cm
    • Depth: 7 cm
    • Width: 7 cm
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