M-Audio Oxygen 61 MKIV

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    The Oxygen 61 (2014) by M-Audio is a professional keyboard / pad controller performance for...altro

    Informazione prodotto "M-Audio Oxygen 61 MKIV"

    The Oxygen 61 (2014) by M-Audio is a professional keyboard / pad controller performance for musicians and producers. This great performance instrument comes with a host of controls, an intuitive layout and a cutting-edge software suite for making music.

    Combining a velocity-sensitive keyboard with a series of 8 trigger pads, all models of the Oxygen series can be used for launching audio clips, triggering percussion sounds and more. The pads also provide velocity-sensitive response and illuminated feedback. Control capabilities expand with 8 assignable knobs – perfect for adjusting plugin parameters and mixing tasks. The M-Audio Oxygen 61 MKII features an assignable master fader, an LCD screen and transport controls for seamless operation with digital audio software. A 6.3mm (1/4-inch) sustain input jack is built in for expressive performances.

    The keyboard includes a powerful software package for creating music right away, starting with Ableton Live Lite – a dynamic music creation software, that lets musicians develop songs with extensive MIDI and audio processing tools. Twist, an acclaimed spectral-morphing software synthesizer from SONiVOX, creates swirling sonic textures that come to life with inspiring depth and motion.

    Features M-Audio Oxygen 61 (2014)

    • 61 full-size, synth-action velocity-sensitive keys
    • 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads for beat production, clip launching and more
    • 8 assignable knobs for mixing and manipulating plug-ins/instruments
    • 9 assignable faders built in so you can mix with ease
    • Transport controls let you control your DAW without reaching for the mouse
    • Auto-maps to popular DAWs: Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase
    • LCD screen provides instant parameter feedback
    • Includes Ableton Live Lite for immediate and powerful music creation
    • Includes SONiVOX Twist spectral morphing synthesizer
    • Works with Apple's Camera Connection Kit for use with iOS devices
    Display: monocromatico
    Pads disponibili:
    Numero di tasti: 61 tasti
    Ponderazione : Tasti non ponderati
    Fader integrato: Si
    Manopole rotanti integrate: Si
    Uscite MIDI: 1x USB-Midi
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