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    This powerful subwoofer has 1,000 watts, a frequency response of 23 Hz to 160 Hz and a maximum...altro

    Informazione prodotto "Kali Audio WS-12"

    This powerful subwoofer has 1,000 watts, a frequency response of 23 Hz to 160 Hz and a maximum sound pressure level of 123 dB, so it provides enough volume for any situation and enough low-frequency extension to reproduce the low frequency content of your mix in detail. Plus, like other Kali audio speakers, the WS-12's low-noise port tube delivers clean, punchy bass.

    This subwoofer is infinitely versatile thanks to rear panel dip switches that control crossover frequency, output level, polarity and more. In addition, a rear panel jack allows the subwoofer to be bridged with a third-party footswitch - a must have for studio applications.

    The Kali Audio WS-12 is small enough to be mounted anywhere, yet rugged enough to withstand the rigours of the studio. Whether you need to mix low frequencies or upgrade your setup, Kali's WS-12 delivers the performance you're looking for.

    Features Kali Audio WS-12

    • 1,000 W, 12" subwoofer
    • Frequency response from 23 Hz-160 Hz reproduces the low frequencies of the mix in detail
    • 123dB max SPL - loud enough for 5.1 arrays and light PA applications (5.1 systems require an external processor and crossover)
    • Built-in limiter circuit protects against unsafe voltage levels
    • Compact dimensions - fits easily under the desk
    • Robust 18 mm plywood housing and roadworthy side handles
    • Low-noise port tube delivers clean, punchy bass
    • Selectable crossovers - 20Hz 40Hz and 140Hz for use in a variety of applications
    • Presets for Kali's LP-6, LP-8 and IN-8 studio monitors as well as LFE and external crossover settings
    • 4 preset gain settings compensate for the positioning of the sub
    • Polarity reversal function
    • RCA inputs for consumer class devices
    • Energy-saving standby mode
    • Rear panel jack allows a third-party footswitch to be used to bypass the subwoofer

    Technical data

    • Class D amplifier
    • Power: 1000 W Peak / 500 W Continous
    • Frequency response: 23 - 160 Hz (-10dB)
    • Frequency range: 30 Hz - 160 Hz (+/- 3dB)
    • max. sound pressure level: 123 dB SPL
    • Inputs: XLR, 6.3mm jack (balanced) and Cinch
    • Input sensitivity: XLR/6.3 mm jack: 106 dB SPL @1m +4 dBu
    • Input sensitivity cinch: 106 dB SPL @1m -10 dBV
    • Dimensions: (W x D x H): 483 x 432 x 407 mm
    • Weight: 29 kg
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