EVE Audio SC305

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    The EVE SC305 is a compact monitor speaker with two 5" SilverCone chassis and three 50W PWM...altro

    Informazione prodotto "EVE Audio SC305"

    The EVE SC305 is a compact monitor speaker with two 5" SilverCone chassis and three 50W PWM power amplifiers. The smallest studio monitor in the three-way system series of EVE Audio was carefully designed to be equally comfortable and precise in a stereo or surround set up. It would probably work perfectly as a center channel, if we're talking about a smaller system.
    Three-way systems are designed around the concept to distribute the frequencies properly between all individual components and raise the efficiency of your speakers effectively.

    The custom-made SilverCone woofers (each of them driven by a 1" voice coil) will guarantee that you will not run out of bass response when it comes to the critical listening and comparison of your mixes. Due to the fact that two woofers are being used simultaneously, you get a bigger frequency response - down to 50 Hz. With the SC305 one of the woofers is delivering sound only up to 350 Hz, functioning as a kind of "bass woofer". The other woofer gives you a fuller range up to the 3000 Hz crossover frequency as a bass-midrange driver.
    The SC305 also makes use of the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) RS3 tweeter, which uses a bigger front plate and a bigger internal magnet to drive the AMT tweeter with greater efficiency.

    On the back side you get both balanced XLR inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs for greater convenience. There are also two large rear rectangular ports with no hard edges for the bass port design.
    For guaranteeing an accurate sound reproduction and acoustic precision the SC305 has a built-in high resolution DSP electronics. One push knob operation and you will have access to accurate volume control and several different filter settings that will help you tailor your monitors to the way you work. The DSP engine is supported with a high quality A/D converter from Burr-Brown, which delivers a pristine signal to the DSP section. And since the PWM amplifiers are directly connected to the DSP, no additional conversion is necessary.

    The SC305 combines the power from three different amplifiers to deliver a very efficient, dynamic and low noise sound reproduction. With its moderate size and superb technical characteristics, the SC305 model has virtually no competition on the market today. Don't miss the chance and check them out for yourself!


  • Accurate sound reproduction and acoustic precision
  • Versatile operation for many applications
  • 3 x PWM amplifier with protection-limiting
  • Extended bass frequency response (down to 50 Hz), courtesy of two 5" SilverCone chassis
  • Tweeter with Air Motion Transformer RS3
  • High resolution DSP electronics for accurate sound reproduction
  • Bass Port Design: high sound pressures with tight and punchy bass frequencies that don't cause port distortion
  • Specifications

  • 3-way System
  • Free-field frequency range (-3dB): 50 - 21.000 Hz
  • Tweeter: AMT RS3
  • Mid-Woofer: 130mm / 5"
  • Woofer: 130mm / 5"
  • Cross-over frequency: 350Hz/2800Hz
  • Maximum SPL @ 1m: 108dB
  • Number of amplifiers: 3
  • Total short-term output power: 150W
  • Output power (woofer): 2 x 50W
  • Output power (tweeter): 50W
  • Protection limiter: yes
  • Setting:
  • - Volume: -inf. - +6dB
    - High-shelf filter (-5dB - +3dB): > 3 kHz
    - Desk filter boost (0dB - +3dB): 80Hz
    - Desk filter cut (-5dB - 0dB): 180Hz
    - Low-shelf filter (-5dB - +3dB): < 300Hz
  • Level-lock dip switch: yes
  • Filter-lock dip switch: yes
  • Woofer-change dip switch: yes
  • Connectors: XLR- and RCA in (impedance)
  • Power consumption: Standby
  • < 1W; Full output: 110VA
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 425mm x 180mm x 250mm / 16.73" x 7.09" x 9.84"
  • Weight: 8.5 kg / 18.7 lb.
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