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    The new Double CD-Player from Synq - the CDX-1 is a one-of-a-kind double CD-player with lots of...plus

    Informations sur le produit "Synq CDX-1"

    The new Double CD-Player from Synq - the CDX-1 is a one-of-a-kind double CD-player with lots of features allowing the most demanding DJ to choose from almost infinite possibilities. Features are: pitch lock, master tempo, reverse play, seamless loop, instant memory start with hot cue-points, relay play and a whole bunch of special effects. These integrated DSP effects are very realistic and can be controlled by a separate effect parameter fader. SYNQ managed to keep a very clear, well divided overview of the control panel using multi-colour buttons and a large blue LCD-display. The CDX-1 has a 20 second anti-shock memory. CDX-1 memorizes over 10000 permanent memories for both hot cue points and loops. PCMS (Permanent Cue Memory System) is supported by a standard MMC/SD memory card, allowing users to stack several ten thousands of cue points on a flexible and mobile multi-media card. An optional scratch processor and scratch record allows users to scratch your CDs using a classic turntable. Technology of the CD combined with the real feeling of vinyl on your fingertips! What more can you ask for?


  • 10000 Permanent HOT CUE memories for both Cue points and Loops! Memorized cue points and loops are shared over both CD-players.
  • The 4 HOT CUE multi-color buttons can hold cue points and loops.
  • Sampler function
  • Full automatic Beatcounters
  • PCMS(Permanent Cue Memory System) means MMC/SD Memory card support: several thousands of cue points and loops can be
  • memorized on a MMC/SD-card and transported to any other SYNQ CDX-1 CD-player
  • 6 Integrated DSP effects that can be used together to create stunning mixes:
  • - Digital Scratching of CDs (with optional scratch box)
    - Brake effect (Simulates turning on/off an analog turntable)
    - Flanger effect (put a jet engine in your music)
    - Pitch Shifter (used to pitch the music up/down with unchanged beat or speed)
    - Digital Filter (very sharp Digital low pass filter down to 50Hz!)
    - Reverse Play (play any length of music backwards)
  • Separate Effect Parameter Fader for easy operation
  • Pitch Lock (Master Tempo) keeps the same pitch with changing beat or speed.
  • Seamless loop (perfect loops without any interruption)
  • Instant Memory Start with Auto Cue (playback starts without any time delay)
  • Pitch Control up to +/-100% (selectable: +/-4% * +/-8% * +/-16% * +/-100%)
  • 30Sec Anti Shock memory
  • Cue/Recue fader starts (compatible with SMX-1 crossover effects)
  • Relay Play (alternate playback on 2 decks)
  • Bleu reversed super twist LCD-display with back light
  • Soft Touch buttons with multicolor back light.
  • S/PDIF digital audio output

  • Technical Data

    Dimensions: Main Unit 483 x 88 x 262mm (19” / 2U), Control Unit 483 x 132 x 74mm (19” / 3U)
    Weight: Main Unit 5,7kg, Control Unit 2,2kg
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