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    Workstation fans watch out - With the brand new Fantom Generation Roland re-releases its...plus

    Informations sur le produit "Roland Fantom 7"

    Workstation fans watch out - With the brand new Fantom Generation Roland re-releases its workstation which has been popular for years. Packed with new features, sounds and a professional workflow, the Roland Fantom 7 is the perfect tool for live musicians, keyboarders, bands and producers.


    Based on Roland's years of experience in sound design, the Roland Fantom is packed with more than 3500 sounds from the past 40 years. The analog filter part is combined with several synthesis forms. The Behavoir modeling chipsets emulate instruments of course, the V-Piano technology lets you look forward to perfectly nuanced pianos and Roland's synth engine provides powerful synthetic sounds in all styles.

    Of course, a sampler section is also integrated. You can put loops or one-shot samples of up to 2 GB on the pad matrix and add a large portion of warmth with the analog filter.


    With the Roland Fantom you get an extensive effects section on the 16 parts. Best of all, you can use all effects on all parts simultaneously and combine them with each other. Don't worry about processor power or other limitations. The Roland Fantom does it all.

    Revamped keys

    Roland's new Fantom series is equipped with a perfectly playable, semi-weighted keyboard. A paradise for musicians and pianists. The integrated aftertouch provides powerful expressiveness, while the knobs and sliders give you instant access to important parameters and settings.

    Sequencing redefined

    The new Fantom features an integrated 16-track sequencer with a wide range of comfort functions and features to quickly turn your ideas into reality. In addition to classic modes such as real-time or step sequencing, you can also work with the TR-Rec Pattern Sequencer. As in the ancestor, the popular Roland TR-808 drum machine, you can type in notes and even live or step-by-step chords in the Fantom.

    Full software integration

    The Fantom comes with a 3 x 16 audio interface that you can connect to any PC or MAC via USB. This allows a complete and modern integration of the Roland Fantom into the DAW of your choice. Even better, you can use the Fantom as a control center and integrate all your plug-ins and software synthesizers into the Fantom and send everything through the analog filter section for a warm, analog sound.

    Made for Eternity

    The Fantom is made of robust components and metal parts. The result is a maximum robust instrument, which masters every hard tour or stage everyday life without problems.

    Features Roland Fantom 7

    • Workstation flagship for musicians, producers and bands
    • Semi-weighted keyboard with 61 keys and perfect playability
    • Large sound pool of 3500 sounds and 90 drumkits
    • Multiple synthesis forms combined in one device for expressive sound
    • Extremely natural pianos thanks to V-Piano technology
    • Zen-Core synthesis for ultra-fat synth sounds
    • Behavoir modeling chipsets for realistic, natural instruments
    • Sampler section with 16 x 4 banks on 16 pads
    • Analog effects section applicable to all parts individually
    • Large 7 inch touch screen display
    • Up to 128 LFOs per voice
    • 3 x 16 track audio interface
    • Full DAW integration for e.g. Apple Logic Pro, GarageBand or MainStage
    • Realtime, Step Recording, TR-REC-Seqencing
    • Robust materials and metal components for maximum robustness

    Technical data

    • Sounds: 3500 tones, 90 drum kits
    • Scenes: 4 x 128
    • Sampler: 16 x 4 banks, 8-fold polyphon, 44.1/48kHz, WAV/AIFF
    • Sequencer: 16 tracks
    • Recording modes: real-time, step recording, TR-REC
    • Effects:
      • Multi-effects: 16 system, 90 types
      • Part EQ: 16 System
      • Drum Part COMP: 6 System
      • Insert effects: 2 system, 90 types
      • Chorus: 8 types
      • Reverb: 6 types
      • master compressor
      • Master EQ
      • Mic Reverb: 6 Types
    • Display: 7 inch LCD touchscreen VGA (800 x 480)
    • Weight: 17.7 kg
    • Dimensions: 1296 (W) x 403 (D) x 106 (H) mm

    Included in delivery

    • Roland Fantom 7
    • User manual
    • Power plug
    Entrées MIDI: 1x Midi in
    1x Midi Trough
    Sorties MIDI: 2x Midi out
    Génération de sons: Analogique virtuel
    Basé sur l'échantillon
    Polyphonie: > 20
    Multi-timbral: Oui
    Séquenceur intégré: Oui
    Nombre de touches: 76 touches
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