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    Roland's new FA series redefines the music workstation. It offers ultra-fast workflows and is...plus

    Informations sur le produit "Roland FA-08"

    Roland's new FA series redefines the music workstation. It offers ultra-fast workflows and is equipped with a huge sound library, including from the INTEGRA-7 sound module, with many studio-quality effects and an incredible versatility. The built-in sampler retrieves audio data directly from a memory card via 16 backlit pads, meaning there is no more loading time.

    The sequencer offers ease-of-use and a non-stop loop recording function, so you can record ideas or entire songs spontaneously and without wasting time. You can export the recordings as multitrack data for further processing on your computer using your DAW software. The FA Series offers the flexibility of both a stand-alone musical instrument and control functions for your computer-based studio, with DAW Transport Control, USB AUDIO/MIDI, powerful real-time controllers and more.

    Features Roland FA-08

    • Intuitive interface in attractive design with large colour LCD
    • Lightweight, portable case with 88-key Ivory Feel-G keyboard
    • Over 2,000 sounds from the flagship sound module INTEGRA-7, including SuperNATURAL sounds from synthesizers, acoustic instruments and drums; additional sound expansion options via internal sound expansion slots
    • The SuperNATURAL synthesizer sound generator is compatible with the extensive INTEGRA-7 synth library. This is available free of charge from the Roland AXIAL Sound Library website.
    • Built-in sampling section based on the Roland sampler SP-404SX, with 16 pads x 4 banks for direct recording/playback to/from SDHC cards
    • Built-in 16-track sequencer with non-stop loop recording function, export sequencer tracks as stereo mix, multi-track audio data or MIDI file to SDHC card for computer processing using your DAW software
    • Enhance your sounds with a rich selection of studio effects based on 16 independent MFX processors, including six COMP+EQ processors for drums and unique TFX (Total Effects), plus Master EQ, Chorus and Reverb
    • With the six freely assignable Sound Modify controls, you can control internal sounds and effects as well as sounds and functions of external MIDI devices in real time.
    • Intuitive, tidy user interface with large color LCD
    • The FA-06/FA-08 can be switched to a remote control unit (DAW Transport Control via USB) for your DAW software at the push of a button.
    • D-Beam controller, rhythm patterns, arpeggiator and chord memory function expand your creative possibilities
    • The Guitar/Mic and Line inputs allow you to record microphone signals (vocals, speech) and play signals from external instruments such as guitars, digital pianos, etc. either as a sample directly in the FA workstation or via the USB interface on a DAW software audio track.
    • USB port for importing Sound Expansion data or updates or for use as an audio/MIDI interface for computer systems or MIDI communication with an iPad (the latter using an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit)

    Technical data

    • max. polyphony: 128 voices
    • max. sample memory: limited only by the SD card
    • Presets: 2000+
    • User Presets: 512
    • Sequencer: 16 tracks
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1415 x 340 x 142 mm
    • Weight: 16,5 kg

    Included in delivery

    • Roland FA-08
    • Quick Start Guide
    • safety instructions
    • SD card
    • SD Card Protector
    • power supply
    • power cable
    Entrées MIDI: 1x Midi in
    Sorties MIDI: 1x Midi out
    Nombre de touches: 88 touches
    Génération de sons: Basé sur l'échantillon
    Polyphonie: > 20
    Multi-timbral: Oui
    Séquenceur intégré: Oui
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