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    The T1 from Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the first turntable in the T-Line that delivers real HiFi...plus

    Informations sur le produit "Pro-Ject T1 BT"

    The T1 from Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the first turntable in the T-Line that delivers real HiFi sound quality for little money. It shines with high-quality materials, a stylish appearance and an incredibly lively sound. During the extensive development process, meticulous care was taken to ensure that no compromises were made in sound quality despite the incredible price. In addition, the T1 BT features a Bluetooth transmitter and built-in phono preamp. So you can easily pair their Bluetooth speakers, and mobile, enjoy your favorite records.

    The stylish CNC machined chassis, available in high-gloss black, matt white & walnut, contains no plastic parts and is manufactured entirely without cavities, so no unwanted vibrations can occur in the chassis. In keeping with this philosophy, the turntable is also made of solid glass. In contrast to plastic or light steel platters, unwanted resonances are effectively suppressed.

    The turntable of the T1 is driven by a belt. This precisely transmits the driving force to the newly designed sub platter, which in turn sits in the ultra-precise 0.001mm platter bearing with a hardened stainless steel shaft in a brass bush.

    The T1 tonearm is a new tonearm version based on Pro-Ject's long proven designs. The 8.6" long tonearm consists of a single piece of aluminum and is equipped with low-friction bearings so that scanning is always performed with absolute precision. The pre-assembled Ortofon OM 5E quality pickup with elliptical needle grinding makes this turntable a true hi-fi player without compromise.

    In addition, the T1 is not - as is often the case - only delivered with simple Cinch cables. The scope of delivery includes excellent shielded, quasi-symmetrical, low capacitance phono cables, which were specially designed by Pro-Ject for the connection of turntables. In addition, a dust cover for additional protection of the T1 and a felt mat, which serves as a soft contact surface for your records, are also included in the package.

    The T1 is the new shooting star among the affordable turntables. Production in Europe takes place in a factory with decades of tradition in turntable construction. This is exactly what makes the T1 a real HiFi turntable, which convinces in sound as well as optically.

    Features Pro-Ject T1 BT

    • Precise belt drive
    • Built-in phono amplifier and Bluetooth transmitter
    • Resonance dampening sub plate design
    • Heavy, 8mm thick, resonance-free glass turntable
    • High precision CNC machined solid housing: NO cavities, NO plastics
    • Ortofon OM 5E MM Quality Pickups
    • Lightweight 8.6" aluminium tone arm
    • Low friction, vibration-free tonearm bearing
    • One piece tonearm tube & headshell design
    • Excellent shielded, quasi-symmetrical, low capacitance phono cable - specially designed by Pro-Ject
    • Vibration-absorbing feet
    • Elegant dust cover with adjustable hinges
    • European handwork

    Technical data

    • Speeds 33, 45 (manual switching)
    • Drive principle Belt drive
    • Speed deviation 33: 0.7% 45: 0.6%
    • Speed fluctuation 33: 0.25% 45: 0.23
    • Turntable Heavy, 8mm thick glass turntable with felt mat
    • Turntable bearing stainless steel/brass
    • Rumpel noise voltage range 65dB
    • Tonearm 8.6" Aluminium
    • Effective tonearm length 218.5 mm
    • Overhang 22.0 mm
    • Effective tonearm mass 8.0 g
    • Counterweight for masses 5 - 10g (pre-installed)
    • Setting range support force 0 - 50mN (17.5 mN preset)
    • Outputs: RCA Phono, RCA Line, Bluetooth
    • Included accessories: dust cover, felt mat, high quality Connect it E RCA Phono Cable
    • Integrated power supply 230V 50Hz (US: 110V 60Hz)
    • Power consumption 3 Watt max
    • Weight: 3.8 kg
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 415 x 335 x100 mm
    Type de commande: entraînement par courroie
    Port USB: Non
    Housse de protection: Oui
    Line-Out: Oui
    Nombre de révolutions: 33 / 45
    Système de ramassage incl.: Oui
    Forme de toner: tout droit
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    Pourquoi un appareil aussi élégant et de haute qualité comme le Pro-Ject T1 BT n'a-t-il pas également une connexion USB pour enregistrer sur une clé USB, un fin de course automatique avec élévation du bras de lecture et des vitesses commutables électroniquement ??? Cela coûte juste un peu plus cher!

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