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    Pioneer Turntable PLX-1000-N The PLX-1000 is precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50...plus

    Informations sur le produit "Pioneer PLX-1000-N"

    Pioneer Turntable PLX-1000-N

    The PLX-1000 is precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50 years’ experience of making high-end turntables. This high-torque direct drive turntable is equipped with a classic layout and a rubber-lined, S-shaped tone arm that improves isolation and prevents feedback. It is solidly built for excellent vibration damping and ultra-precise, high grade audio playback.

    Featuring next generation improvements, the PLX-1000 is the perfect score for professional DJs and vinyl enthusiasts. Combine this turntable with your Pioneer DJM mixer and get the ideal DJ system set-up.

    There will be just 1,000 PLX-1000-Ns worldwide, each bearing a plate engraved with its individual serial number – a chance to get your hands on a truly unique set-up.

    Technical Data

    ·· Drive Method
    ··· Quartz lock, servo-type, direct drive
    ·· Platter
    ··· Aluminium, die-casting diameter: 332 mm
    ·· Motor
    ··· 3-phase, brushless DC motor
    ··Braking System
    ··· Electronic brake
    ·· Rotation Speed
    ··· 33?-45 rpm
    ·· Rotation Adjustment Range
    ··· ±8, ±16, ±50 %
    ·· Wow and Flutter
    ··· < 0.1 % WRMS (JIS WTD)
    ·· Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    ··· 70 dB
    ·· Starting Torque
    ··· > 4.5 kg/cm
    ·· Start Time
    ··· 0.3 sec (at 33? rpm)

    · TONE ARM
    ·· Arm Type
    ··· Universal type S-shape tone arm
    ··· Gimbal-supported type bearing structure
    ··· Static balance type
    ·· Overhang
    ··· 15 mm
    ·· Effective Length
    ··· 230 mm
    ·· Tracking Error
    ··· Within 3°
    ·· Height Adjustment Range
    ··· 6 mm
    ·· Stylus Pressure Variable Range
    ··· 0-4 g (1 scale 0.1 g)
    ·· Single Cartridge Weight
    ··· 3.5-13 g

    ·· Outputs
    ··· 1 ANALOGUE (RCA)

    · Dimensions (W x H x D):
    ·· 453 x 159 x 353 mm
    · Weight:
    ·· 13.1 kg

    NOTE: Head-shell and cartridge not included
    Type de commande: entraînement direct
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