Hyperactive Pepperdecks DJOCLATE

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    Pepperdecks DJOCLATE is one of the most compact mixing consoles ever. With a width of 8 cm, a...plus

    Informations sur le produit "Hyperactive Pepperdecks DJOCLATE"

    Pepperdecks DJOCLATE is one of the most compact mixing consoles ever. With a width of 8 cm, a length of 12 cm, and a height of 3 cm, you can take the DJOCLATE anywhere at any time. The included protective bag makes the mini mixer easy to stow away on the go.

    The DJOCLATE contains the basics every mixer needs: 2 faders for 2 separate channels, 2 bass kill buttons to lower the bass from the 2 channels, 2 jack inputs for the input sources and a jack output to send the sound to an output source.

    Connecting the input sources is simple. Simply connect the input sources to the mixer using the supplied jack cables. It doesn't matter whether an iPod, iPhone, smartphone, CD player or other audio source is connected.

    The output source - such as the home stereo system or the battery loudspeaker for on the go - is connected to the output of the mixing console via a jack cable (not included) via a 3.5 mm jack.

    The Peppersdecks DJOCLATE mixer needs neither battery nor rechargeable batteries, because it works only with internal resistors and therefore does not need its own energy suppliers. Ideal for beach parties, picnics in the park, parties with friends and exuberant evenings.

    Features Hyperactive Pepperdecks DJOCLATE

    • Mobile 2-channel mixer
    • Suitable for tablets, smartphones, CD players, MP3 players and more...
    • 2 faders for 2 separate channels
    • Bass-kill buttons for both channels
    • plug and play
    • No battery or mains connection required

    Technical data

    • Outputs: 1x mini jack (3.5mm)
    • Inputs: 2x mini jack (3.5mm)
    • Dimensions (L/H/B): 116 x 27 x 75 mm
    • Weight : 0,24 kg
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