Focusrite USB Saffire 6 USB

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    The Focusrite Saffire 6 USB is a 2 In / 4 Out USB audio interface. It uses the

    Informations sur le produit "Focusrite USB Saffire 6 USB"

    The Focusrite Saffire 6 USB is a 2 In / 4 Out USB audio interface. It uses the same award-winning Focusrite mic-pres as the rest of the Saffire range. This makes it the best value, and best sounding interface in its class. Its output configuration is also ideal for laptop DJs.
    It is ultra-reliable and easy to set up, providing you with the simplest route to record into, and play back from your computer. It has lower latency than any of its rivals, and professional analogue to digital converters ensure you get the best possible signal into your recording software.
    With 2 mic-pres, multiple outputs and MIDI I/O, the audio interface Saffire 6 USB can be at the centre of your home recording set-up. However, its reliability means that you can take it out and record on location with confidence. The 2 in 4 out configuration is perfect for laptop DJs who need to be able to cue up material, or send two different signals to either side of a DJ mixer.
    This is our most affordable interface to date, and it comes with Ableton Live Lite 7, Novation's Bass Station synthesizer and over a gigabyte of samples. In addition to all this, you get the Focusrite FX Suite, which includes a compressor, gate, reverb and EQ to upgrade your standard AU/VST effects.
    The Saffire 6 USB is certainly the easiest way of getting the classic Focusrite mic-pre into your recording set-up.


  • Two High Quality Award-winning Focusrite Pre-amps: The best sounding interface in its class. Focusrite's unparalleled pre-amp legacy forms the foundation of this new interface, with two award-winning Focusrite pre-amps.
  • Ultra-reliable and easy to set up: Saffire 6 USB is simple to set up and easy to use, allowing you to concentrate on recording and playing back. It is also very reliable, ideal for use as a portable interface for use on stage and on location.
  • High Quality 24-bit USB Interface: Features the best A-D / D-A conversion in its class; pristine audio quality, super-low latency and reliable synchronisation are guaranteed.
  • Ready for DJs: 4 Outputs on RCA Phono, high-level headphone output and class-leading digital converter performance make Saffire 6 USB the ideal interface for the laptop DJs.
  • Xcite+ Software Bundle: Featuring a host of royalty-free loops and samples, a full-fledged soft-synth and Ableton Live 7 Lite, providing an affordable upgrade path to Ableton Live.
  • Focusrite VST/AU Plug-in Suite, for use in the mix: Upgrade your standard sequencer effects and bring a touch of class to your session with all-new Focusrite Compression, Reverb, Gating and EQ VST/AU plug-ins.
  • Dedicated switchable front-panel headphone bus: Monitor either the main mix or cue mix via headphones, all switchable from the front panel.
  • Dedicated input/playback mix dial: Blend your monitor mix between what you're recording, and the audio from the computer.
  • Additional Features
  • Bus-powered for a tidy mobile recording rig: Saffire 6 USB is powered via USB, with not need for an additional power supply.
  • Two Hi Z instrument inputs: No need for a separate DI. Saffire 6 USB provides instrument inputs with switchable high gain.
  • Tactile Main Monitor Dial: A front panel volume dial provides immediate control over the main stereo outputs.
  • Switchable Phantom power: Available across both mic-pre inputs, globally switchable direct from the front fascia.
  • Technische Daten:

    Analogue Channel Inputs (Inputs 1-2)
  • 2 x XLR Mic/Line/Inst Neutrik Combi-Jacks (Inputs 1-2)
  • Automatic switch of Mic / Line (inserting a jack switches from Mic to either Line or
  • Instrument (instrument selected via front panel)
  • Analogue Audio Outputs (Outputs 1-4)
  • 2 x TRS analogue outputs (Outputs 1-2)
  • 4 x RCA Phono outputs (Outputs 1-4)
  • 1 x TRS stereo headphone output (switchable to outputs 1 and 2, or 3 and 4)
  • Other I/O
  • 1 x USB 1.1 compliant USB port
  • 1 x pair of MIDI I/O
  • Dimensions: W = 145 mm / 5 ¾ “, H = 45 mm / 1 ¾ ” , D = 220 mm / 8 ¾ “
  • Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs
  • Controls and Indicators
  • 2 x Input gain control dials
  • 2 x Signal (green) and Overload LED (red)
  • 2 x Instrument LED and switch (red)
  • 2 x Pad LED and switch (red)
  • 1 x Phantom power switch with LED (red) – global for Mic inputs 1-2
  • 1 x USB (Active) LED (green)
  • 1 x MIDI (Active) LED (green)
  • 1 x Monitoring 1+2 / 3+4 A/B switch
  • 1 x Monitoring 3+4 indicator LED
  • 1 x Main monitor Level control
  • 1 x Mono monitor output switch
  • 1 x Playback/Input mix dial
  • 1 x Headphones level control
  • Compatible with:
  • - Windows Vista
    - Windows XP
    - Service Pack 2 and above only. Windows XP - 64bit
    - Service Pack 2 and above only. Mac 10.6
    - Support is currently only for the 32-bit kernel on 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Mac 10.5, 10.5.7 and above only.
    - Windows Vista - 64bit
    - Windows Windows 7
    - Windows Windows 7 - 64bit
  • NOT Compatible with:
  • - Mac 10.3
    - Mac 10.4
    Type de connecteur: USB
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