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Alesis M1 Actif MK2 (Double Pack)

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    By combining our expertise in reference monitor design with our proven track record in

    Informations sur le produit "Alesis M1 Actif MK2 (Double Pack)"

    By combining our expertise in reference monitor design with our proven track record in studio amplification, Alesis' new M1 Active™ Biamplified Reference Monitor offers the incredibly accurate response that perfectly translates to every playback system. Its internal active crossover and custom-designed dual amplifiers ensure an extremely consistent performance under a variety of different studio conditions and program material. The result is a broad, extremely flat frequency response, clear imaging with a wide sweet spot, high power handling and detailed high- and mid-frequency response that only a professional powered monitor can deliver.


  • Lower intermodulation distortion due to amplifier operation over a more
  • narrow bandwidth. Also, clipping caused by low frequency overload is
    reduced, being limited to only one driver within a two driver system.
  • Increased dynamic range. The M1 Active Mk2’s 75W and 25W amplifiers
  • in their bi-amp setup will clip at about the same levels as one 200W
    amplifier operating into a passive crossover.
  • Improved transient response.
  • Better amplifier/speaker coupling for woofers.
  • Better crossover performance working into a constant impedance load.
  • Better subjective sound quality than high level (passive) networks.
  • Easier control over driver sensitivity differences.
  • Easier manipulation of phase, time delay, resonance, and various kinds of
  • shaping, contouring and equalization.
  • Specifically in the case of the M1 Active Mk2, the wide, mid-frequency
  • polar response of the tweeter can be utilized down to a low 2000 Hz
    thereby mating more cohesively with the 6.5" non-woven carbon fiber
    (NWCF) woofer. This low crossover point is only possible through the use
    of a steep, electronic fourth-order (24 dB per octave rolloff) high pass filter.

    Technical Data

    Frequency Range: 38 Hz - 23.5 kHz (-10dB point)
    Connectors: Combination XLR-1/4" jack with input level control
    Dimensions: 381mm x 216mm x 248mm
    Weight: 8.9kg
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