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    The Alesis iO Dock is a professional, high-class Audio-Interface that is patented

    Informations sur le produit "Alesis IO Dock"

    The Alesis iO Dock is a professional, high-class Audio-Interface that is patented and considered as the first device that enables anyone with an iPad to create, produce and perform music with virtually any pro audio gear or instruments. This Audio-Interface is a universal docking station specifically designed for the iPad and it gives musicians, recording engineers and music producers the connectivity they need to create and perform with iPad. Connect all your pro audio gear to virtually any app in the App Store with the Alesis iO Dock.

    With the Alesis iO Dock and an iPad, you are able to record, perform, craft and create music in virtually any situation or location. Built to accommodate all current app-development standards including Core MIDI, this Audio-Interface is a universal device that bridges your choice of music-creation apps, instruments, and devices.

    The Alesis iO Dock delivers microphone and instrument users with two combination XLR and 1/4-inch inputs, each with its own gain control and switchable phantom power for condenser microphones. Guitarists and bassists will appreciate the guitar-direct switch of this device, allowing them to play, perform and record right into amplifier- and effects-modeling apps. Bands can connect outputs from their mixer and easily record their performances and rehearsals or use the Alesis iO Dock as a metronome or loop-playback device.

    Producers can use the MIDI jacks of the Audio-Interface to sequence external keyboards, samplers, drum machines and synthesizers or perform using the Alesis iO Dock as the sound module and their favorite MIDI-compliant keyboard, drum pad or other controller. An assignable 1/4-inch footswitch input enables remote control of any app-defined function such as stop/start or record. By using the USB port, you can also connect the Alesis iO Dock to your Mac or PC to send MIDI back and forth for creative, new applications of the iPad and computer used in tandem.

    Users can connect the Audio-Interface stereo pair of 1/4-inch main outputs to studio monitors for critical listening, or to PA systems for use in performance settings. They can monitor on headphones, and independently control the levels of the two outputs, each on its own knob. Recording musicians will appreciate the direct-monitor switch of the Alesis IO Dock, which enables them to toggle between the incoming and playback signal on their headphones. Rounding out the output section is a composite video connector, enabling users to employ the Audio-Interface as a source for video projection behind bands on stage, or for connection to most televisions and computer monitors.

    The Alesis iO Dock was built for the real world. Whether you're keeping it in the safety of the studio or taking it out for recording or performance use in the club or on tour, the device will not only deliver the connectivity you need for audio applications, but it also serves as a rugged, protective case for the iPad. The Alesis iO Dock completely houses the iPad on the bottom and three side surfaces. It also encases the iPad's screen in a protective bezel on three of its four edges, further shielding the mobile computing device from the potential for damage in punishing environments.

    The applications of the iPad for music creation, production and performance are limited only by your creativity. As an imaginative, cutting-edge music maker, the Alesis IO Dock empowers you to seamlessly connect the world of pro audio gear and instruments to the iPad and the massive collection of apps.


    The world's first pro audio dock made for iPadWorks with iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad (3rd generation)Connect microphones and instruments including guitar, studio monitors, PA speakers, headphones, and MIDI controllersUniversal device works with virtually every audio and MIDI app in the App Store; Core MIDI compliantPerform, craft, create and play back music in virtually any conceivable manner or locationVideo output for connection to TVs and projectorsInputs: two combo XLR-1/4" for use with audio gear, instruments, and computer audioInput channel gain controls and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphonesGuitar-direct switch for use with amplifier- and effects-modeling appOutputs: pair 1/4" and 1/4" headphone with separate volume controlsControl: MIDI In, MIDI Out, USB MIDI, and assignable 1/4-inch footswitch input Specifications

    Audio Inputs: 2 x XLR-1/4" Balanced TRS; Individual gain controls; Phantom power, switchable; Guitar (high-impedance) switch on Input 2Input Sensitivity: Balanced XLR Mic: Max -45 dBV; Min -3 dBVBalanced 1/4“ TRS Mic/Line: Max -27 dBV; Min +16 dBVUn-Balanced 1/4” TS Mic/Lin: Max -27 dBV; Min +16 dBVUn-Balanced 1/4” TS Guitar: Max -38 dBV; Min +4.5 dBVAudio Outputs: 2 x 1/4" Balanced TRS Main; 1/4" TRS Headphone; Individual level controlsVideo Output: RCA Composite (requires compatible apps)Control I/O: MIDI In (DIN); MIDI Out (DIN); USB MIDI; 1/4" Footswitch (function assigned by apps)Power: The iO Dock power supply is 6 VAC 3.0A. It is a universal power supply rated for 100-240 VAC 50/60HZ 0.8A
    Type de connecteur: USB
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