10 + 1 gift ideas for DJs and music producers

With the Holiday Seasons knocking on our doors, you might be thinking of some kind of gift idea for a beloved one who is (or aspires to be) a DJ, or maybe you just want to surprise yourself with a new gear or some kind of accessory.

The good news is that there are endless options for starting a new DJ setup (in case you are not sure how to get started, we highly recommend you read this article), or adding something fresh to an existing one, but if you are buying for someone else you should be very careful not to select something randomly, as most DJs have their own specific needs when it comes to gear such as controllers or mixers. 

It makes sense to find out first what exactly is the DJ looking for, what is the preferred software, how many channels are required, what technology and adjust the needs to your budget. The same thing is available when shopping for accessories as most products are designed for specific models of DJ equipment, sometimes very small details can make a difference, as many products have different variations (like MK2, MK3, Plus, Mini, etc.) so you should pay attention to these details if you want to make a good decision.

So let’s see what are the best options for DJs:

1. DJ Controller

Highly suitable for any DJ who wants to start mixing as controllers offer all the essential DJ features when they are connected to a computer. Most controllers come bundled with software, usually Rekordbox (for Pioneer DJ), Traktor (for Native Instruments), Serato or Virtual DJ. Some of the most viable options for beginners include:

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 - works with both Rekordbox, Serato DJ; resembles the layout of high-end Pioneer DJ gear which is used by most professional DJs
  • Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 500 - comes with Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED DJ software; includes a beat match assistant for easier transitions between tracks
  • Numark NS4FX - 4 channel Serato controller with extensive connectivity options, such as XLR master output and Booth output, aimed for more serious performance
  • Gemini SDJ-4000 - compatible with Virtual DJ, or can be used in standalone mode with up to 2 USB sticks
  • Denon SC Live 2 / Denon SC Live 4 - both 2 and 4 channel versions are compatible with Denon’s own Engine DJ software, Serato and Virtual DJ, and works standalone as well with the on-board Engine DJ software

2. DJ Mixer

Standalone DJ mixers will also require at least two standalone media players such as Digital Players or turntables, or if the DJ will use it with a laptop you must look for a mixer with soundcard. Some of our best sellers include:

  • Omnitronic TRM-202 MK3 - robust two channel rotary mixer with a nice vintage feel;
  • Ecler Warm 2 - two channel analogue rotary mixer with pristine sound quality as the name suggests
  • Allen&Heath Xone 43 - 4 channel mixer with the signature analogue Xone sound and VCF filter
  • Allen&Heath Xone 96 - for a DJ who loves the Allen&Heath sound, this mixer has everything a DJ could be looking for, from built-in sound card with 2 USB ports, 4+2 channels, and robust build quality; it represents the very high-end of DJ mixers, but it is a future-proof investment

3. DJ turntables

As vinyl is living its renaissance, a set of turntables can be a great option and a lot of fun for newbie DJs, and luckily there are many options to consider:

  • Omnitronic DD-2550 USB - not made for heavy duty, but ideal for casual spinning, listening, and digitizing records
  • Gemini TT-4000 - high torque (4.5 kg/cm) turntable, suitable for mixing, scratching and digitizing records
  • Omnitronic DD5250L - high torque (4.5 kg/cm) all-purpose turntable, with robust build quality (weighs 11 kg.)
  • Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 - high-end DJ turntable, suitable for live applications and integrates perfectly to an existing Pioneer DJ setup
  • Technics SL-1200 / SL-1210 MK7 - the latest generation of the most respected DJ turntables of all time

See our detailed turntable comparison HERE.

4. DJ Headphones

A decent pair of DJ headphones can be a game changer when it comes to mixing, as DJ headphones are designed to handle the noise in clubs and stay accurate with EQ-ing and beat matching. Some of the most common options for DJs is the Sennheiser HD25, Technics EAH-DJ1200, and there are also a lot of nice entry-level options available such as the Zomo HD-3000, or the Hercules HDP DJ60

5. DJ flightcases

Most beginner DJs usually just buy their gear and think about transporting it afterwards, when they are confident enough to do gigs. A flightcase can be a decent gift for any DJ, just make sure you match it for their gear. There are plenty of options for almost all DJ controllers, turntables, mixers, media players, and full setups.

6. Vinyl/turntable accessories

Vinyl records requires a little extra attention when it comes to maintaining, organizing and transporting. There are many products that can make the life of a vinyl DJ easier:

  • Zomo VSS-01 Vinyl Service Set - a package that includes a record cleaning brush, record cleaning fluid, stylus cleaner and anti-static cloth
  • PEP DS-10 Disc Stabilizer - an elegant accessory for vinyl DJs, that makes the record run smoothly, resulting in a more balanced sound
  • Slipmats are always a good idea, as they can add some personality to a DJ setup, and there are plenty of cool designs available, in different colors
  • DJ Cartridges - in case you want to buy a gift for someone who has a pair of turntables that came with a cartridge out of the box (usually attached to the headshell), upgrading for a DJ cartridge can be a fantastic option as these are much more comfortable to use and will have better sound quality; look for the Ortofon cartridges or any other with similar shape 

Read more about turntable accessories HERE.

7. DJ Headphone Accessories

In case the DJ has a pair of headphones that have replaceable parts (such as the Sennheiser HD25, Pioneer DJ HDJ-X series, Technics RP DJ1200/1210, etc.), you can customize them with earpads and cables of different colors. As with all products, be careful to buy a compatible part for the headphone as these also come in many variations in size.

8. Studio Monitors

If you want to buy a decent gift for a DJ who is mixing with an old pair of speakers, or some kind of awkward bluetooth speaker, a pair of studio monitors is a fantastic gift for DJs and music producers as well. They can easily connect to DJ mixers or DJ controllers, and they come in various sizes that match room acoustics.

Some of the best options include Yamaha, KRK Systems, Pioneer DJ, but there are some interesting entry level monitors as well from Hercules and Soundsation.

Consider adding a pair of stands as well for perfect positioning, such as the SMON studio monitor stands.

Read more about studio monitors HERE.

9. MIDI Keyboards

MIDI Keyboards and other DAW controllers are great tools to expand the creativity of a music producer or a DJ who uses a live setup. They combine the real-feel of playing keys and adjusting parameters with your hand, with the convenience of music production software.

Pretty much every MIDI keyboard is compatible with most DAWs (digital audio workstation), and they come in various sizes, from 16 to 81 keys, so you should aim for a fine balance while considering the space available on the studio desk, the producer's preferences and your budget.

10. DJ Furniture

A dedicated space for DJ gear, records and accessories is priceless. We cannot emphasize enough that not having an adequate space for mixing can be one of the top motivation killers when it comes to DJ-ing at home. Most DJs like to have a place where they can just walk in and start mixing whenever they feel like it, and everything is easily accessible. It is just like preparing food in your living room vs. preparing it in your kitchen.

A DJ table can be one of the best gifts for DJs, as it is also a sign that mixing is taken seriously and has its own dedicated space. Just make sure you get the right size, as different DJ gear can occupy more or less space. For DJs who mix with software, a laptop stand can ease the workflow and free up a lot of space on the table.

There are also a lot of boxes and racks available for vinyl DJs in order to keep their records organized and accessible.

+1 Recordcase Voucher for DJs

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