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Yamaha Pocketrak CX

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  • Yamaha
  • 0020104708
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    Pocketrak CX by Yamaha is so compact that this much recording power slips conveniently into a...más

    Información del producto "Yamaha Pocketrak CX"

    Pocketrak CX by Yamaha is so compact that this much recording power slips conveniently into a shirt pocket. The large diameter, high sensitivity 90° X-Y microphone on the POCKETRAK CX creates natural stereophonic recordings. The microSD and USB capability ensure you have all the storage capability you need.

    The re-chargeable, built-in "eneloop" AA battery built into the compact body allows up to 40 hours of continuous recording and play-back operation. A variety of many recording formats from 16-bit 44.1 CD quality .wav files to convenient MP3 allows you to select the recording format of your choice. The Pocketrak CX comes exclusive Cubase AI4 software.


  • Lightweight and compact: At just over 3 ounces, the POCKETRAK CX is easy to carry everywhere

  • Long lasting rechargeable " eneloop" battery: Economically and ecologically better and gives 50 hours recording @ MP3 recording

  • 90° X-Y stereo microphone: Wider and more realistic stereo recording capable

  • microSD card (2GB): Enough memory capacity, expandability and accessibility

  • PB Speed adjustment (70%–150% @ MP3): Convenient for music lessons and practice, and also for language study

  • Built-in speaker: Provides instant playback

  • Stand mountable: Stand mountable on camera or microphone tripod

  • Many accessories: Wind screen, microphone stand adaptor, microSD (2GB) and carrying case

  • Technical Data:

    System Requirements
  • Windows

  • - CPU: Intel Core / Pentium / Celeron processor more than 1.4GHz
    - RAM: more than 512MB
    - Display: Full color more than 1280x800
    - OS: Windows Vista / XP Professional (SP1 or later) / XP Home Edition (SP1 or later) *
    - HDD: Blank area more than 1GB
    - Others: *When you use Windows Vista, Cubase AI 4.1.2Update should be installed.
  • Macintosh

  • - CPU: PowerPC G4 1GHz/ Core Solo 1.5GHz
    - RAM: More than 512MB
    - Display: Full color more than 1280x800
    - OS: MacOS X 10.4 or later
    - HDD: Blank area more than 1GB
    - Others: DVD-ROM drive, Core Audio device Internet connection is neccesary to make the licence resistration

    General Specification
  • Hardware

  • - Dimension: (W x H x D) W 46.5mm x H 129.5mm x D 17.5mm
    - Weight: 92g (including "eneloop" AA battery)
  • Memory: micro SD/ micro SDHC card (2GB micro SD included)

  • Battery

  • - available battery AA alkali batttery x 1 or AA "eneloop"rechargeable battery x 1
    - eneloop battery measurement: Yes
    - "eneloop" recharge: yes (220 minutes)
  • Battery life

  • - AA Alkali MP3: 54 hours, PCM: 22 hours
    - AA "eneloop" MP3: 44 hours, PCM: 21.5 hours
  • Playback battery life

  • - AA Alkali MP3: 54 hours, PCM: 24.5 hours( w/ earphone)
    - AA "eneloop" MP3: 45 hours, PCM: 23 hours( w/ earphone)
  • LCD

  • - LCD Type: Dot matrix, with back light
    - language: English
  • Headphone (stereo mini 3.5mm) x 1 Stereo microphone input stereo mini 3.5mm line input possible x 1 microSDcard slot x 1

  • Recording
  • Recording format: Linear PCM, MP3

  • Input: On-boarded stereo mic, mic input, line input

  • Rec hours(w/ included 2GB micro SD)/Frequency responce/Sampling rate/Bit rate

  • - PCM stereo (48kHz) 2 hours50minutes, 40-23 kHz, 1536 kbps, 16bit
    - PCM stereo (44.1kHz) 3 hours5minutes, 40-21 kHz, 1411kbps, 16bit
    - MP3 stereo (320kbps) 13 hours35minutes, 40-20 kHz
    - MP3 stereo (192kbps) 22 hours45minutes, 40-20 kHz
    - MP3 stereo (128kbps) 34 hours5minutes, 40-15 kHz
    - MP3 stereo ( 64kbps) 68 hours15minutes, 40-7.5 kHz
    - MP3 mono ( 32kbps) 136 hours30minutes, 40-6.5 kHz
  • Features: Voice Automatic Recording System, ALC: Auto Level Control ON/OFF, Sensitivity switch(ALC ON: 2 steps/ ALC OFF: 80 steps), Peak limiter, 5 band GEQ(8 presets and USER), HPF, Security function, self timer, Rec monitor, Recycle bin

  • Play-back
  • Play-back: MP3, WMA, WAV *WAV PB is only possible to the file recorded by POCKETRAK CX

  • Repeat: Repeat/Ranfom PB, 5 sec before repeat PB, sentence PB, A-B repeat PB

  • EQ: 5band EQ (5 presets, User area), BASS

  • Playback speed(Only MP3): 3 steps Slow PB(70%), normal(100%), Fast PB(150%)

  • Other function: Play list PB, Skip search, file edit-devide

  • Connection to computer
  • Data transfer

  • - Cable USB cable(mini B) included
    - Transfer speed USB 2.0 High Speed, 1500 kbps
  • Mass strage: Yes

  • Accessories
    Stereo earphone x1, USB calbe x1, AA "eneloop" rechargeable battery x1, Wind screen x1, 2GB micro SD card x1, CUBASE AI4 DVD, Carring case x1, owners manual x1, Microphone stand adaptor x1
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